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Winter Solstice (冬至) - 21 December 2008

2008's Winter Solstice (冬至) falls on 21 December. It's the Tang Yuan (汤圆) time again. Yay! Tang () is soup and Yuan () is round, which implies reunion and full satisfaction.

Tang-Yuan are sweet glutinous balls made from glutinous rice flour and served with hot sugary water. The default (:P) version has no filling in the center. The newer versions have fillings such as red bean paste, creamy peanut or sesame paste.

Here are a few recipes I got from Nanyang:


材料A糯米粉 200g、粘米粉 50g、滚水 150-160ml、熟橙色蕃薯泥 135g

材料B糯米粉 175g、粘米粉 25g、滚水 170ml 或适量、熟紫色蕃薯泥 90g

椰汁糖水材料:清水 750ml、白糖 225g、班兰叶3(打结)、沙谷米 3 汤匙 (浸泡)、椰浆头 300ml、盐 3/4 茶匙

1. 把材料 A 混合成面团,然后分成小份搓成丸状。

2. 把材料 B 混合,然后分成小份搓成丸状。

3. 把所有丸子煮至浮起,然后浸入冰水中 10 分钟。

4. 把白糖和班兰叶加清水煮至滚,然后放入沙谷米煮至透明后加入椰浆和盐。再次煮滚后加入糯米丸即可。


材料:香蕉2(切片)、橙由数瓣、君度橙酒 3 汤匙、糯米粉 225g、粘米粉 25g、澄面粉 1 汤匙、滚水 100ml100-120ml 冷水 (或适量)

糖水:幼糖 150g、清水 1L

1. 把所有粉料混合,然后倒入滚水,搅拌均匀后加入冷水,搓成光滑面团。


把糯米丸放入滚水里煮至浮起,然后放入冰水中浸泡 10分钟。

4. 把糖和清水煮至滚,然后熄火,加入香蕉和橙肉。

5. 加入糯米丸和拌入橙酒,即可享用。


材料A黑糯米 300g、白糯米 2 汤匙

材料B1L、糖适量、班兰叶 3 片、为食粉打芡

材料C糯米粉 230g、水 230ml

1. 将材料 A 炒香,磨成粉,拌入水和班兰叶煮滚。

2. 加入糖调味,打芡拌至浓滑。

3. 将糯米粉及水搓至幼滑。备用。

4. 把面团揉成鱼丸形状,放入滚水内煮至浮起。

5. 将汤丸捞起放入黑糯米糊内趁热进食。


材料:糯米粉 250g、水适量、粉红食物色素数滴


糖水材料:豆浆水 2L (有甜昧)

1. 将糯米粉加水及粉红色素搓成幼滑面团,分成小粒,然后包入豆沙。

2. 把汤丸放入滚水内煮至浮起。

3. 将汤丸取出放入热豆浆即可享用。

The default version recipe (in English)

Ingredients: 1 cup glutinous rice flour, 4 ounces water, brown sugar to taste, fresh ginger

1. Pour the glutinous rice flour in a bowl and slowly add water until the mixture becomes the texture of dough. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes.

2. Pinch off pieces of the dough and roll it into small balls.

3. Drop the balls into boiling water and cook them until they float (about 5 to 10 minutes).

4. While the balls are cooking, prepare a sweet soup by boiling water and adding brown sugar. Fresh ginger can also be added to the soup.

5. Put the cooked balls into the soup and serve.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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