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10 Things To Do at Sg. Klah Hot Springs (Sungkai)

It has been eight months since our first weekend trip to Sg. Klah Hot Springs (Sungkai). Last weekend, we drove to this awesome place again for another weekend trip.

Coincidentally, we "owned" a handsome Honda Insight as our weekend test drive car; and since June is also my birthday month, it's definitely the perfect time to celebrate everything together as a mini escapade and getaway. :)


After some thoughts, here's my list of the 10 things you have to do when you're holidaying at Sg. Klah Hot Springs, Sungkai. Perhaps you can do up your own list too when you're there and do share with me. :)

Thing To Do #1:
Check in Foursquare

Here's one of the venues that I checked in. Duh. Need I say more? :P

Thing To Do #2:
Stay in the Room & Watch TV

This is the wisest decision one can make when the weather is scorching hot and you don't want to look like a cooked lobster. Not when you've a colleague's wedding dinner to attend in the coming weekend. :P

Thing To Do #3:
Warm Bubble Bath!

Soak as looooong as you like. The resort doesn't have special bubble bath gel, so I used normal shower gel provided by the resort.

Thing To Do #4:
Take a Stroll Around the Resort

Check out those crawlers on the wall. And oh, a
praying mantis too.

Thing To Do #5:
Try Their Breakfast Spread

Do stay overnight, at least one night; then try out their breakfast spread. Not so impressive but since it's complimentary, try "gorging" yourself with their local and western food selection. So I took three slices of French toast, half of a hard-boiled egg, potato wedges, baked beans, sausages cutlets, and a glass of full cream milk.

Thing To Do #6:
Soak in the Hot Water Pool!

You might be asking, "What? Soak in hot water when the weather is freaking hot these days?" Well, it wasn't that bad actually.

Photos 1 & 2 show the hot water pool's view from different angles. Photo 3 is me in the pool. To avoid being baked in the sun for too long, I wore a T-shirt over my swimsuit. The freaking hot sun was eating into my skin. :S

And, as seen in photo 4, once you come out from the pool, do take a few splashes of cold water to cool your body down. Temperature can be quite high.

Thing To Do #7:
Foot-dipping in 42-50 Degrees Celsius Water

Thing To Do #8:
Boil Eggs

The water is more than 90 degrees Celsius or higher. Don't dip your toes in it. Perhaps next time we should bring quail eggs. I'm interested to find out the results.

Thing To Do #9:
Soak in the Cold Mountain Water Pool!

Too bad couldn't try skinny-dipping. :P Just joking.

Photos from left to right:

  • Go "crazy" at the water slides.
  • Go for water massage under the huge rock at the deep pool section.
  • Go for another water massage at the shallow pool section where you can stand and let the water hit your body.
You can find more photos from my previous trip here.

Thing To Do #10:
Surprise Your Loved One

One day, you will come to a mutual understanding that you don't need spectacular events to realize how lovable your loved one is. Little, little things matter a lot more. Mini surprises are always sweeter. :)

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault


  1. sweet the last pic!!
    Happy Birthday in advance!! (or is it belated??)

    I've never been to Sungkai.. *shakes head..* hopefully soon!

  2. Thanks Becky. :)

    My birthday is on 16 June but celebration is the whole month. :P

    Or at least that's my attitude towards the month of June. :P

    Do go on a trip to Sungkai but don't choose school holidays. Too many kids. *headache*