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Movie: Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon (2011)

1 second to spot the enemy
0.1 second to aim at the enemy
0.01 second to pierce the heart

Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon (2011)
is a South Korean historical action movie set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1636. According to history, nearly half-a-million people of the Joseon Dynasty had been taken captive by the Qing Dynasty (Manchurian) of China during this period.

During the second Manchu invasion of Korea, Seo-goon (Kim Mu-Yeol) and Ja-in (Moon Chae-won) are kidnapped by the Manchurian army on their wedding day from a village in Joseon Korea. Ja-in's brother Nam-yi (Park Hae-il), a skillful archer sets out to save her and other victims by hunting down the elite troop led by Jyu Shin-ta (Ryoo Seung-yong), a fierce Manchurian warrior. A fierce battle between two of the finest warriors from the Joseon Dynasty and Qing Dynasty unfolds.

The reasons why you should watch this movie:

1. Powerful main characters & cast [source]
  • Nam-yi: He is willing to do everything in his power to save his sister Ja-in from harm. Forced to take up his bow in an incredible fight against the enemies, his archery skills is put to its ultimate test.
  • Ja-in: On her wedding day, her village is demolished by the Qing troops and she is taken captive. Amidst life-threatening situations, she is able to stand strong with her intelligence and unwillingness to sacrifice her dignity before the enemies.
  • Jyu Shin-ta: He is the leader of the elite troop, Niru who regards his troop members as his own brothers. He is also a fierce warrior and a master in archery.
  • The entire cast gives solid performance that will definitely blow you away.
2. The philosophy behind the arrows [source]
  • Nam-yi's arrows: Only 1/3 of the traditional arrow size and weight, making it superior in velocity, force, and range. His arrows make it hard to detect the shooter's location, thus ideal for an ambush.
  • Jyu Shin-ta's arrows: 24 times heavier than the traditional arrow, tearing apart targets with just one shot.
  • The bow-and-arrows in action scenes will keep you in awe and you will have that heart-in-throat kind of feeling throughout the entire movie.

3. The usage of the Manchu language [source]

  • Director Kim Han-min introduces the Manchu language in order to portray a more realistic historical depiction of the 'Manchu War of 1636'.
  • Due to constant practice and learning, the actors were able to speak Manchu at a level not seen since the actual days of the Qing Dynasty. The heavy, masculine tone that the Manchu language exudes is especially well-carried out by Ryoo Seung-yong who acts as Jyu Shin-ta, a Manchu warrior.
  • The persistent efforts that both actors and film crew alike made to stay true to the Manchu language surely lends in favor of the movie's overall depiction of this period in history.

You really, really must watch this movie. Its impressive action sequences and historical details plus the few factors listed above will make you feel like you have stepped back in time to witness history for yourselves.

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