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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project: Reflect 52 #5 - 4 months to our wedding

It's four months to our wedding and I've started to feel panicky and anxious. I'm finding it hard to stay calm amidst situations whereby some decisions couldn't be made yet due to insufficient information.

There's this relationship advice that I heard somewhere, some time ago. It goes somewhat like this: Wedding is a major event in a couple's journey in life together. The preparation for this major event is an important test. With this couple, the test strengthens their bond. With another couple, the test weakens their bond and brings out unresolved underlying issues.

Being in a serious relationship that heads towards marriage is not an easy-peasy experience. You (as a couple) gotta make it works no matter how. Wedding preparation is one of the many hows.

Four months to go. The groundwork has been done. The blueprint is ready. The challenge now is to fill in the details. That's the hardest part because some details will not be able to be finalized until one month or so before the actual wedding day itself.

Well, let's see how things gonna roll in the next four months!

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