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My December CosmoBox by Box Culture

Beauty boxes - a super hot beauty goodies subscription trend that's currently spreading like wildfire in Malaysia! Out of curiosity, I subscribed to Box Culture's December CosmoBox.

According to Box Culture, CosmoBox is an easy way to reignite me-time, the little moments you can now spend with a little surprise, a bit of discovery, all in a box filled with beauty goodies. Each CosmoBox is packed with little tips and tricks from the experts to help you not just with the use of the little treats in the box, but so you discover new things about your skin, your body and overall, how to pamper you.

My December box has arrived! I like the box cover's chic color and design. I'm also pleasantly surprised with the sturdy quality of the box's material.

After I remove the chic pink-and-black CosmoBox cover, I see an elegant white sturdy box.

There are more layers of papers - including a pink greetings placard with the list of this month's beauty goodies on its back, a black envelope, and also a black ribbon - before I can get my hands on the beauty goodies in the box. 

Ooohhh... the element of surprise! :P

There's another final layer of pastel pink crepe paper and a black CosmoBox logo sticker "blocking" the way! :P

The black envelope contains information booklets and vouchers related to this month's brands - Avène, Soap Artisan, and Sebastian Professional.

Tada! The beauty goodies are presented nicely on a bed of stripped pink crepe paper. They are:

  • Giorgio Armani fragrance sample
  • Avène Sensitive White Whitening Essence
  • Avène Sensitive White Whitening Fluid
  • Sebastian Light Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment (in the black Sebastian box)
  • Soap Artisan's Mt St Helen Mud Whitening Soap
  • A roll of red ribbon (because this is special Christmas edition box)
  • A mini Santa hair clip (because this is special Christmas edition box)

I believe I get my money's worth this month: RM33 per box/month. More info here:

Have fun!!!


  1. Ohh u got the Gio Vial perfume...
    I got me n Inglot nail polish in RED..

    1. Ooo nice one Alison. I remember reading from Box Culture's FB status that they have 6 different combo for this Dec box. I wonder what else are in the other 4 combos. :D