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Baby Kimono Rompers by Haha no yume 母の夢

Bored with the current selections of baby rompers / onesies? Then, you will like these baby kimono rompers by Haha no yume 母の夢! Haha no yume 母の夢 is Japanese for Mother's Dream. Wow, lovely!

Seriously, these creative kimono rompers are so cute they make me wanna have another baby right now so that he/she can wear one and I can take tons of photos! LOL, that's one long sentence. But I know you get what I mean. ;)

So, what's so special about these kimono rompers? Let me tell you.

Baby Kimono Rompers by Haha no yume 母の夢

  • They are the brainchild of three passionate moms/founders of Haha no yume 母の夢. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere online. 

  • They are made from 100% fully imported Japanese cotton, perfect for our weather. 

  • They are inspired by traditional Japanese Kimono that are known for their simple wrap style and come with easy-to-use snap buttons for quick nappy changes. 

  • Their concept is inspired by wabi-sabi わびさび – pure minimalism and rustic simplicity with understated elegance. 

  • They are just too irresistible! Babies will look so adorable wearing them. And I guess, their smitten parents will take photos non-stop. LOL. Having said that, they are perfect for photoshoots. Agree? ;) 

  • When you receive the parcel that contains the kimono romper, your heart flutters. They are just so beautiful! And yes, a great idea for baby shower, even wedding gifts!

  • Oh, and you can register as a member at to enjoy 10% off your purchase with them (correct at published time, please check their website or Facebook page for latest updates). 

  • Haha no yume believes in keeping our children safe and providing them the basic necessities - food, shelter, education and healthcare. As such, they donate 3% of their sales to charitable organizations affiliated to our core beliefs - the children. More info on Haha no yume's CSR page. 

And..... that sums up why these kimono rompers are so special. I rest my case. Really, you should take a look at their minimalist, simple, elegant designs. Get ready to be smitten and your wallet ready. ;)

Baby Kimono Rompers Designs

Top row (left to right): Sakura, Temari, Momo, Pinku
Middle row: Mon
Bottom row (left to right): Yanagi, Raitoburu, Maru, Usumidori

For more details and to buy them, go to Haha no yume's online shop.

Here's their size chart for your quick reference.

My boy's first kimono romper


The elegant box is tied with a lovely blue ribbon.

Thanks for this lovely congratulatory card!

The romper is wrapped in a lovely baby blue paper.


My little model!

My boy likes the kimono romper very much. The simple wrap style is very straight forward and easy to tie. The material is very pretty with lots of intricate Japanese emblems. The snap buttons at the bottom of the romper are sturdy, so babies with curious fingers won't be able to snap them apart easily.

It's also great as a "dance costume"! :D

Oh, forgot to mention. He's wearing Mon. Mon (紋) are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. Most consistent of a roundel encircling a figure of plant, animal, man-made, natural or celestial objects, all abstracted to various degrees.



Thanks Hahanoyume for collaborating with me for this post and for the lovely Mon kimono romper.

Haha no yume is listed on Featured Mommypreneurs on


  1. Cute boy in kimono. I would like to get my boy dressed in one too.

    1. Hehe! Check the chart size first yeah. My boy is small-framed, so he can wear the 6-12mo romper although he's turning 24mo soon. LOL.