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Naturally leavened tri-flavor buns by Foodies with Love

If you're looking for delicious, non-commercial, home-baked buns made with natural ingredients and lots of love, I highly recommend this set of naturally leavened tri-flavor buns by Foodies with Love.

Denise, mommy of two little ones and also the founder of Foodies with Love, explains that her naturally leavened buns are made from natural yeast and they are 100% free from commercial yeast or other leavening agents.

When I first gotten my hands on a bag of these freshly baked buns, I was a bit taken aback by its weight. These buns were surprisingly weighty! I was expecting something light, you know, like those buns sold at commercial bakeries that you can sweep off a few packs off the shelf with one hand easily.

But no, don't be deceived by these buns' unassuming look. They are heavyweight champions in terms of weight, flavor, and taste. I'm forever a supporter of homemade food because they win in terms of zero preservatives and other harmful ingredients, and definitely highly nutritious for both kids and adults.

Let's see the flavors that we have here.

Photo above: This bun is made from black sesame, sprinkled with white sesame seeds.

Photo above: This bun is made from pumpkin, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.

Photo above: This bun contains dried cranberries.

One morning, during breakfast, my toddler explored a bun with much curiosity.

"Mama, I think this bread can eat."

And he took a big bite!

Tip: To retain the freshness of the buns, keep them in the freezer. They can be kept in the freezer up to a month. Just steam or toast them lightly before serving. If you decide to leave them on the kitchen table, they are best eaten on the same day or latest, the next day.

For more information, please visit

For orders and pickup locations, please contact Denise directly at 012-220 7265.


Don't miss my next post whereby I will blog about recipes I cook with her bestseller: homemade vegetables pasta (elbow) and spaghetti! Woohoo!

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  1. Gosh! All the buns are so lovely baked. I would like to try all of them but I would think I will prefer pumpkin bun.