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Helping my baby stay comfortable while teething

Both my boys cut their first tooth when they turned six months old. Generally speaking, teething usually begins during the first six to eight months of baby's first year, and continues up to 36 months (3 years old) or earlier. By then, baby has 20 teeth. My older boy gotten all 20 teeth by 30 months old.

The chart below shows the general teething timeline. For my second boy, he has eight teeth by 12 months old. The numbers indicated in the boxes outlined in green are the months when his teeth were emerging. So now, I'm waiting for his first set of bottom molars to emerge followed by his first set of top molars (see boxes outlined in blue).

Teething times can be the bane of motherhood (tell me about it!) due to increased fussiness/crankiness (the baby, of course, haha), chewing on things (ANYTHING within his reach so you could hear me screaming NOOOOO! PUT THAT DOWN NOW!), and increased amount of drool (this can be yucky). On a side note, my pediatrician tells me that fever and diarrhea are not signs of teething, contrary to popular belief. If baby has fever or diarrhea, it's more likely due to bugs swallowed while chewing on things, so do make sure good hygiene is practiced.

Teething is a natural part of baby's growth, so it's not something that needs to be treated. Having said that, I put some effort to help him deal with teething to make his life (and my life, obviously) more comfortable.

Here are some "gears" that I have used when my baby started teething from six months old.

Six months

Baltic Amber teething necklace

Natural and unpolished Baltic Amber teething necklaces are well-known for their relieving abilities and calming characteristics. However, teething discomfort varies from child to child. Some children may still experience quite a fair bit of discomfort although they are wearing the necklaces. Also, there are claims that teething necklaces are a hoax. Whatever it is, as long as my baby is not experiencing adverse effects and I see that he's doing well while wearing the necklace, I believe it works.

Natural rubber teether - Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether

This is probably the most popular teether in the world. It's made from toxic-free paint and rubber; it's bendable and flexible; it's made from one solid piece so choking hazard shouldn't be a problem; it's very easy to clean. I bought it, just because. Haha.

"If you're happy and you know it, chew Sophie."

Eight months

Chilled teether

This kind of liquid-filled teether should only be chilled in the fridge, NOT frozen in the freezer. To be on the safe side, always check for leaks or punctures.

Food-grade silicone teether

I like this teether's soft and flexible texture. Its bright yellow color provides visual and tactile stimulation for baby.

Teething rusks
 Store-bought teething rusks save the day. I bought Bellamy's and Only Organic.

Tooth wipes

I used Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Tooth 'n' Gum Wipes to clean my baby's gums and four little teeth at eight months old. The main ingredient is Xylitol, a berry extract, which has a slight sweet taste and promotes healthy teeth and gums by fighting bacteria.

When I'm out and about, I prefer Jack N' Jill Natural Baby Gum & Tooth Wipes because they are individually wrapped and convenient to bring along.

Ten months

Soft toothbrush

Since baby always wants something to chew on, why don't get him started to get used to the idea of brushing his teeth? So, I gave him this cute Pigeon Lesson 1 toothbrush that doubled up as a teether too.


I've read that we should avoid fluoride toothpaste for babies so I chose Little Innoscents organic toothpaste, a natural fluoride-free gel with a cool and minty refreshing taste. See the photo below for its ingredients.

Twelve months

Silicone teething rattle + necklace (rattle for baby, necklace for me)

I bought these matching silicone teething rattle and nursing/teething necklace from TeetherJoy.

I bought this nursing/teething necklace with wooden beads and crocheted beads from YoMommies.

Why do I love nursing/teething necklace? It's multi-functional! First, it's a pretty accessory and I can wear it like any other necklace. Second, my baby can hold onto the beads while he's nursing to keep him focused and not that easily distracted. Third, my baby can gnaw on the beads (under my supervision of course).

Here's my happy one year old with his eight little teeth.

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