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Top 17 Dishes that I Enjoyed Eating (and where to find them)



This bowl of curry beehoon with cockles is one of the best curry noodles that I have eaten in ages. The ones I have tried are subpar most of the times.


Location: Restoran Pakka Lok at Jalan Utama, Taman Puchong Utama


This is brown rice nasi lemak with one whole hard-boiled egg served on top of the rice.

Location: The Loaf, Pavilion KL

This is a very interesting dish I tried during a trip to Taiping. It's called Nyonya Ulam Chicken Salad. It's pretty much carb-less and packed with protein from the chicken breast slices. The fresh chopped local herbs add texture, crunch, and freshness to the dish too. It's truly satisfying!

Location: Raintree Kitchen Restaurant in Taiping Sentral Mall

I usually won't order wantan mee because I don't like the stringy wantan noodles. However, this bowl of wantan mee soup that I tried during a trip to Taiping is rather different. It has more ingredients such as lean pork slices and mushroom slices on top of wontons and char siew slices. The soup doesn't taste like the typical wantan mee soup too.

Location: Medan Selera Tai Hu at Taman Tasik Taiping
If you know me, you know that I love lui cha (or lei cha). It's a vegetarian dish with an assortment of chopped leafy vegetables, beans, tofu, and peanuts. The way to eat lui cha is by pouring a mug of the green lui cha paste/soup into the bowl of ingredients, mix them well, and eat. The end product isn't very photo-friendly (imagine a bowl of green goop hahaha), so I have decided not to put up the photo here.

Location: T42 at Jalan 17/155c, Bukit Jalil (same row as Klinik Medipulse Bukit Jalil)

This is Nasi Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak. Tempoyak is a fermented durian paste made from overripe durian flesh. I super love the taste of tempoyak so this dish is a gem!

Location: Richiamo Coffee Ara Damansara (below Kindlehouse Dental Clinic at Eve Suite)

The focus of this photo should be the Nasi Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api. I'm a big fan of masak lemak dishes too.

Location: Richiamo Coffee Ara Damansara (below Kindlehouse Dental Clinic at Eve Suite)

This is nasi campur with some of my favorite Malay style dishes - daun kayu masak lemak, kari daging lembu, and tempeh.

Location: R&R Gambang (heading to Pantai Timur)

This is Kuching Kolok Mee Red Sauce. The amount of the different types of meat is good. I love the packaging too, it reminds me of my childhood when my late dad bought breakfast for us on weekends.

Location: Nam Chuan Coffee Shop on FoodPanda

It was a chilly day that day, so my colleagues and I decided to have piping hot Pan Mee soup for lunch. We also ordered Tau Fu Fah as our after-meal dessert.

Location: Chun Hiong Coffee Shop, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar

I have blogged about this bowl of delicious Sundae Gukbap (Korean blood sausage soup with rice).

Location: Lee Ga Korean Noodles Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas

I have also blogged about this amazing Bamboo Mutton Briyani.

Location: Restoran Kannaas Bamboo Masalla Briyani at Taman Kinrara Seksyen 3, Puchong

Here's a comforting bowl of home-cooked Bak Kut Teh. It may not be as flavorful as those cooked by BKT sifus, but I'm proud of my dish. Hehe.
Location: My house

Korean BBQ feast. I have blogged about this wholesome spread of scrumptious K-BBQ meal.

Location: Garage Original Korean BBQ at Bandar Puchong Jaya

Now this is an interesting dish. It's called Mee Champa (but I opted for beehoon). It came with beef, tendon, and tripe. I absolutely love this dish!

Location: Dapur Champa @ Kitchen Connect Bangsar on GrabFood

I have blogged about Yukgaejang - spicy beef and vegetable soup.

Location: Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

And this, my friends, is a bowl of delightful Nyonya Laksa.

Location: Baba Low's 486 at Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

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