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Thank You for the Memories, 2022!


It's time to say goodbye to 2022. I was thinking about how should I remember 2022. I'd easily describe 2020 & 2021 as the years that were "lost" to the COVID-19 pandemic.


But for 2022, it wasn't easy, but I think I'd settle with this: 2022 was a challenging yet hopeful (penuh harapan) year.

Here's a recap of some notable happenings in 2022 that I'd like to pen down on my blog.

#1 - I got COVID-19 after avoiding it for 2 years.

#2 - We went to Club Med Bali.

#3 - I was swept by hallyu (Korean wave). 


I was and still am chasing K-dramas (mostly fantasy, supernatural, thriller, police-prosecutor genres). I've been having Korean dishes happily. If there's one Korean phrase to describe this point, it'd be haeng-bok-hae (행복해), translated as I'm happy.

#4 - I voted in GE15. 


Thank God DSAI is now PM10!

#5 - We went to a getaway trip in Taiping.



#6 - I have decided to take little steps to revive my blog. 


Thank you for reading and do stay tuned to new blog posts on a weekly basis!

Last but not least.


I'd like to take this opportunity to send the following message to everyone who has lost someone in 2022, especially in the Batang Kali tragedy in December.


8+8+8 rule


Finally, I'd like to share the above 8+8+8 rule for a good work-life balance/integration in 2023.

8 hours of honest hard work

8 hours of good sleep

8 hours to spend on 3Fs, 3Hs, 3Ss

Family, Friends, Faith

Health, Hygiene, Hobby

Soul, Service, Smile

Happy New Year!

P.S.: Check out my compilation of annual posts since 2007.

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