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Weekend Getaway Trip at Hermitage Boutique House in Taiping

Last weekend was the start of the 3-week school holidays for public schools in Malaysia. So hubby and I went on a 3D2N weekend getaway trip to Taiping.


We stayed at Hermitage Boutique House, a hidden sanctuary located at Lorong Merdeka 1, which was within walking distance from Taiping Lake Garden.

This is the automatic front gate that can be opened and closed with our hotel guest access card.

Here's an angle of the swimming pool located at what I would call the center courtyard of the hotel. It's actually right in the middle of the hotel.


Here's another angle of the swimming pool. I think from this angle, it's showing the "jacuzzi" pool.


Here's the unit that we stayed in for our 3D2N weekend trip, it's called the Blue Sapphire.


A welcoming sight of the front porch with a table and two chairs where you can just sit and bask in the sun. Then again - Taiping being Taiping, the wettest town in the country - you can imagine the amount of rain there was.


A king-sized bed on a raised wooden platform. Pretty classy.

A really decent and clean bathroom and toilet. Basic toiletries and fresh, clean towels are provided. There are even bathrobes (which I forgotten to take a photo of).

The living room with a TV and sofa, also on a raised wooden platform.

The kitchen is neat! Spot the microwave and kettle. There are also forks & spoons, plates & bowls in one of the drawers. So you can actually do some minor cooking with the microwave if you fancy.

Here's the vanity table.

I find this bedside lamp interesting.

Instant noodles for dinner. Yay!

Had a glass or two of soju while watching TV.

Some of you asked what did I do in Taiping.

Well, you shouldn't miss taking a stroll at the Raintree Walk of the Taiping Lake Garden.

And take lots of photos of the beautiful scenery, and here's one. Haha.

There's a newly opened bar & restaurant, The Brew House opposite the lake. So, we spent a good amount of time there too. I had the Connor's Float (stout topped with whipped cream) - perfect for a rainy afternoon.

More info about Hermitage Boutique House on their Facebook page.

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