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Time to Tweak

A fellow colleague, project manager, MY smiled sheepishly.

Oh-uh, got work :S

True enough, he walked... Nope, I think he "jogged" and stood behind my chair, saying, "Don't blame me. Blame MA for this," before showing me a piece of paper with a few lines scribbled on it.

Oh... o_O

MA, a fellow copywriter has written this:

you came, you saw, you blogged,
and we have a winner,
all shall be revealed in May,
Stay tuned!

My "expertise" is needed is to squeeze a BM version out for it.


The first proposal was crap. Don't wanna put it here. Client sort of said, "Redo." That's what I gathered from the project manager lor... So, I gotta tweak here and there but no matter how, all drafts sounded so off. T_T

Then, dunno what gotten into me, I began to hum the tune of Rasa Sayang. Softly laaa... of course.

Rasa sayang, eh, rasa sayang, sayang eh,
Eh, lihat nona jauh, rasa sayang, sayang, eh!

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah, tolong tunjukkan.

Ya horr! Pantun! Pantun! Pantunnnnn!

berdebar-debar rasanya hati,
tertunggu-tunggu, ternanti-nanti,
setialah bersama kami di Happy :)
segalanya jelas bulan Mei nanti!

Ta-da ^_^V

From client: Please proceed.

*Bear-hug MY*


  1. Eh, call MA as Grayfox la. :3 That's what he calls himself. :P

    Also, MY got blog, I see if I can find it later. :3

  2. i officially pronounce myself....evil...muahahahahaha

  3. Ya, Naoko. I've gotten MY's blog listed under my Pick-N-Read section :D

    O.O... evil is on the loose... help! :P