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Super Saturday^^ (Part 1)

Exactly! It's super Saturday!

Four of us, pretty girls (3 Js & 1 W)... hehehehe... went to One Utama to watch Hancock! It's a fairly good movie. But I think the chemistry between Will Smith (as John Hancock) and Charlize Theron (as Mary Embrey) is just not there, they look odd as a couple. Or may be that's how the story should look like. Anyway, it's still a pretty good movie. Will Smith is great at projecting Hancock's inner emotional tug-of-war. I like the ending. Kinda surprised, in a pleasant way :)

After the movie, we went to Sushi Zanmai for lunch!

Sushi Zanmai, 1U

Nice packaging


Cool concept~~

Sashimi ~ Salmon
RM10 (Medium), VERY FRESH!^^

Salmon Don (Raw salmon on sushi roe)
My main meal, RM10.80, VERY FRESH too!^^

Ikura Chawanmushi (Steamed egg custard topped with salmon roe)
RM9.80, the salmon roe tasted great, they popped & burst once you put them in your mouth.

Unagi Yanagawa (Eel simmered with burdock & egg)
RM12.80, my sister's main meal. Not bad. Unagi is delicious.

Chuka Iidako (Seasoned baby octopus)

Chuka Kurage (Seasoned jellyfish)

Yasai Miso Shiru (Mixed vegetables miso soup)

Oops... there were also Ebi Tempura (Prawn tempura), fried soft shell crab, and black caviar.

Finally, I've eaten at Sushi Zanmai. Thanks, gurls!


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