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Excerpts from books

When I was in my secondary school, I love to read storybooks, especially those with vivid and detailed descriptions of a place or things. Then, I'll copy down the sentences that I like in a notebook. As I moved on to study in the university, this habit was forgotten. During semester break, whenever I went home, I'd flip over the diary and re-read all those notes again. Many, many years later, I decided to put them online, first in my pocket PC, now on my blog. It took me 14 years to do so.

In fact my blog is basically a place where I compile things that I like: books, movies, songs, food, places; and situations that affected me, both positively or negatively: dad's death, work, people, etc.

Things that I don't blog are meaningless to me; things that I blogged meant a lot to me.


A chamois leather bag which contains tiny stones of different shades of color; liquid fire, red, green, deep blue, and dazzling white; also semi-precious gem stones with different colors in different shades: raspberry fool and azure blue, squashed strawberry and pastel blue.

The delicate tote bag with its soft violet silk and embroidery violets contains several prized items: a few beautifully shaped crystal prisms; two like long teardrops, another like a star, one a snowflake and another like a giant diamond; a rose pendant of pink quartz. It has many strange convolutions but in the center are colors so bright and clear that it resembles a rose.

A tall wooden container of sandalwood-essence powder, a long cylindrical bottle with a bulb at its base that contains jasmine-scented purple oil and a colorfully painted porcelain ceramic vial of scented oil with an underlying redolence of varying flowers and herbs.

The orchid sachet bag that is used to scent clothing is decorated with a hand-embroided monogram and the dainty square of white batiste is embroided in brown, with a lace border.

The paperweights contain lovely artificial flowers and butterflies and there is an oval paperweight filled with a swirling rainbow of colors. Another one is an onyx paperweight made of stone-like marble that has different colored layers within.

The traditional snow crystal ball is made from a globe of glass. Inside the small glass dome is a miniature angel and a Christmas tree. When the ball is shook, an icy storm whirl will occur and hundreds of snowflakes will swirl around, bathing both the angel and the tree in the sea of snowflakes.

The marble facades in the room present a rainbow of faded colors: raspberry, ochre, russet, pale lime and ivory, rose red and old gold when sunshine shines on them.

The antique shop sells a lot of treasures. Among them are jaspers, onyxes, porphyries, stamped velvets, brocades, laces, and gleaming precious woods.

The breakfast tray has a glass top and slatted wooden side pockets for the morning paper. On the left corner of the tray is an ornate floral arrangements fashioned entirely from spun sugar. On the right is a snowman made from a handful of snow and is flourished with a miniature pine cone on its head. There are two plated in the center of the tray. On one plate are kiwi, apricot, peach, peas and tomato slices placed in different geometric patterns with a big strawberry wearing a daisy hat in the center. On another plate, a pale mauve orchid sprouts from a grapefruit half which is surrounded by buttered and salted sweet corns and baby carrots. Around the plates, amaryllis and buds of maple trees are scattered freely. A tall glass of cold and fresh vanilla-flavored milk is placed just in front of the snowman, while a pair of silver dessert fork and spoon is laid gently on a pastel blue cotton napkin on the left of the plates.

There are scarlet hips from wild roses, berries with lovely bright pink outside and a brilliant orange stone in the middle, crimson leaves and mauve tiny orchids in the vase on the table.

Dogwoods and cherry trees are already in bloom, blanketing the park with splashes of white and pink and on the ground, there is a bed of pink and purple wildflowers.

The small backyard is full of different kinds of flowers: zinnias, delphiniums, petunias, rudbeckia, marigolds, geraniums, pink carnations, white gardenias, pale pink and bright red plumiera, and anthuriums as tastefully laid-out beds among mossy rock formation. The flowers emit their most potent aromas: the liliums, camellias, and hollyhocks. Tamarisks, pines, palm trees, bougainvillaeas, and laurel roses shaded a flaking lilac facade. Golden reflections dance on the water of the pool, nightbirds fly over the terrace of the loggia, the flowerbeds, lemon trees, orange trees, lavender, blue, yellow and pink crocuses scattered whimsically throughout the lawn, and potted azaleas give off intoxicating fragrances and against the pinkish horizon, all of the countryside seems ablaza with the setting sun.

From top of the mountain, sloping for several acres across folds and valleys, are rivers of daffodils in radiant bloom. A profusion of color - from the pales ivory to the deepest lemon to the most vivid salmon - blazes like a carpet. It looks as though the sun has tipped over and spilled gold down the mountainside. At the center cascades a waterfall of purple hyacinths. Here and there are coral-colored tulips. And as if this bonanza are not enough, western bluebirds frolicked over the heads of the daffodils, their magenta breasts and sapphire wings like a flutter of jewels.

Twilight floods the sky with its rosy farewell to the day, flaming the cloud bottoms crimson, streaking them violet shot through with saffron. In the garden, dogwoods are in bloom, azales make a riot of colors and potted sweetheart roses blossoms vigorously. Tulips, daffodils and camellias in dazzling colors brighten up the garden even more.

When shimmering sun rays fall through the lacy green canopy of leaves to pattern the path ahead with golden spots of light, the forest immediately swept by a surge of warmth and cheerfulness. Birds are chirping away noisily, squirrels are chasing each other and rabbits are running. Wild strawberries, blueberries, forget-me-nots and lilies-of-the-valley are carpeting the forest floor, dotting it with all kinds of colors and shapes.

Spring casts its spell throughout the countryside. Hills, sky and forest reveal their purples, blues and greens. Leaves have unfurled, gold-finches have arrived at the feeders and daffodils are fighting their way heavenward. Then, there is an old apple tree that blossoms so profusely that the air becomes saturated with the aroma of apples.

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