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Tu-han and Han-tu

Somebody was lamenting about a somebody who pissed him off. He said he can't think of anything else except the fact that this particular somebody has really really really pissed him off (quoting him).


He was not supposed to be at the office but he was. Out of curiosity, I asked how come he was and the answer (elaborated above) came out.

Note: via MSN, more privacy maaa... haha...

I dunno what to say so I asked him to cool down. Then he said that he was very cool already but the fact was that he's really pissed off at the somebody who pissed him off.

Me --> @_@

Bla... bla... bla...

Stop MSN-ing, in case he can't stop "bludgeoning" whoever he's so pissed off at. Continued to work peacefully.

A few emails came in (from the very pissed of person). One of them sounds like this:
Subject: *****
Content: The TUHAN just..... (and the email continues with details of something that I need to do).

LOL! I knew straight away who the TUHAN is. Akakakakaka...

Prior to this ***** email, he had sent another request which made my stomach churned, followed by a few email exchanges. Then, via MSN, he clarified that he's not angry with me for what I've completed. He said that he's only angry at things, not the people who did the work.

Me --> Thinking silently. Haaar? Just now he told me he's pissed off at somebody. Now he said he's not angry at the people. He's contradicting himself.

Via MSN, I "shot" back. Oh, so you mean you are not angry towards people, including the "TUHAN", izzit? Haha...

His answer was cunning. The Tuhan can sometimes be Hantu. See how the word turns out to be if you terbalikkan the 2 syllables. TU-HAN, HAN-TU.

Me --> O_O

I wonder how his girlfriend tahan him one...

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