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25 Things

Since I got tagged by her, I shall "play" along. :P

Rules: I'm not tagging anyone else after this, so those who wants to tag himself/herself for fun may go ahead. Then, write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. Do let me know when you've tagged yourself. Never mind if you skip this step, no hard feelings. :P

Here are my 25 random rants, of which I think before I write:

1. I'm a chronic workaholic. Generally, I work up to 15-16 hours a day on weekdays and weekends. I may also work during public holidays or even when I'm on MC or EL if I'm bored.

2. I can't live without my mobile phone line, I mean the DiGi Postpaid Data Unlimited Plan that comes with it, my laptop, and dear Internet.

3. I'm glad that I'm fluent in written and spoken BM, English, and Mandarin. I'm quite perplexed with people who give me trouble in completing tasks that involve these three languages.

4. Generally speaking, whether in my daily life or at work, I hate people who are calculative, incompetent, complacent, and those who only receive orders and execute them like robots without adding value to the tasks given. I hope they'll vanish into thin air.

5. I'm a no-nonsense person. If you wish to joke with me to lighten up whatever mood, please choose your jokes well because I don't tolerate foul-mouthed idiots.

6. Those who ask me to loosen up a bit and don't be too strict / stern / conservative / old-school are shallow people in my point of view.

7. I'm single and being single is not my fault. I can support myself with my own hard-earned money and spend my own money in whatever manner I like without reporting to anybody.

8. I watch movies at cinemas with my sister, 4-5 times a month, mostly on Friday nights.

9. I love eating out but I love cooking at home as well.

10. People change, so do I. I used to believe that I'll commit myself to marriage and family life. Now, I won't.

11. I trust my management skills but sadly, people management is excluded at the moment. I practice diplomacy, only with people whom I trust and respect.

12. I listen to advice, selectively. If I don't listen to you, you should know why.

13. In conjunction with 11 & 12, it's clear that I've an issue with authority. I only respect people who practice leadership by being a pattern, not bull-shitting.

14. It's impossible for me to forgive and forget. I believe in this statement: The wise forgive but do not forget.

15. I don't go clubbing, I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I don't do crazy things that go beyond ethical boundaries. I'll make sure that I won't get to know that kind of people, ever. Find the amended statement here.

16. I think I look better with straight hair. I shouldn't have done digital perm. Darn!

17. I love animals. If I'm not in Malaysia, I'd have studied animal science, become a vet, and end up joining research teams in Africa or even the Arctic!

18. I love music. If I'm born in a rich family, I'd have studied music and may end up composing music for artistes or even movies!

19. Point 17 and point 18 are dreams that will not be fulfilled. So, I love to imagine and bask in my vivid imagination as far as I can while maintaining soberness to face the harsh realities of life.

20. I won't get over my dad's death. I'll always remember this incident forever and ever.

21. Don't tempt me to love you (applicable to guys only) unless you have the assurance that I'm the one or I'll hate you for the rest of my life. Nonreciprocal love is cruel.

22. I know I should be attending church meetings but I'm just too lazy to go.

23. I'm afraid of camwhoring because I can't bear to be criticized negatively.

24. I hate water. I will not learn to swim.

25. I'll plan to travel to South Korea, England, and Europe (whole!) before I'm 50 years old, even if I've to travel alone!


  1. Dear Joyce, now I know who you are!! Hi dear friend, how are you? ^^ I didn't know you have a blog, and 'am so glad you drop by. Now I know where should I look for if I wish to know how you sisters are doing over there.

    Fantastic tag, now I feel like I know more about you. You and your sis are quite alike in some point, in my opinion.

    Happy New Year to both of you, and hope to see you guys soon! Take care always. God bless. *hugs*

  2. Lol. Happy New/Niu Year to u too! Ya, if me & my sis are back in Btu, we'll look for you. :)

  3. @ #15: Oh noes! :(


  4. Hi Joyce,
    Good to catch up on u and ur Blog...leaving the FTTT and facing real issues in Church life and the real life in the world did make me and my hubby the way u have stated in some points...key is to stay until u reach that point good luck tipping up and down :)

  5. the thing i like most about u is no.15, oddly :0

  6. oh, thank you. i got dozens of friends like that.

  7. Points 17-19. Don't sell yourself short of your dreams. If it's to be.......

  8. Hi Anonymous, :) ..... it is up to me. LOL! How true that is! 10x for the encouragement. :D