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Korea Kyung Joo Restaurant (Mid Valley)

I love Korean food! So does my sister, my kaki makan. Thank God we don't put on weight. :P

So, we checked out Korea Kyung Joo Restaurant (3rd Floor, T049, Mid Valley Megamall). Go to GSC and look for it above a Taiwanese restaurant. As simple as that!

I'm pretty impressed with the big "billboard" above their see-through kitchen area. The visuals are clear and colorful. The names of each dishes are displayed in Korean and English for easier reference.

And yes, I'm really impressed by its clean and tidy decor with a giant stretch of Korean folks mural on one end of the restaurant. However, I hope the waitresses will smile a bit more. :)

Ever colorful side dishes
Discovering the ingredients used in each plate is a pleasure.

Hot Plate Beef Rice (RM18.80)
Yes, the beef julienne are fantastic. Springy and not over cooked. And the telur mata kerbau with its ready-to-flow-egg-yolk-once-poked is very pleasing to the eyes.

Dwen-Jang Jjikeh (RM16.80)
Whatever the name means, this bean paste soup is slightly spicy with a generous amount of seafood (prawns & lala), cucumber slices, tofu, spring onions, oyster mushrooms, rice vermicelli, and some kind of beet-like vegetables.

Korean Ginseng Tea (RM6.90)
Invigorating and refreshing, superb thirst quencher as well.

I'll go again.

1 comment

  1. Do Not go to the kyung joo korean restaurant at midvalley which is belong to food circle Enterprise s/d
    ( 461549-A) 3rd floor. T049, mid valley megamall (beside cinema) Lingkaran syed Putra, 59200, K.L

    I took a meal there. while half way eating, there was one long hair inside my meal.

    I told the waiter to see it, and he just smile at me and said " I'm sorry" and I still need to pay. and i didn't continue to eat the meal.

    Bill: 9969
    Date: 31/7/2009 21:31:03

    REMEMBER:never go there. !!!