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Bananas Forever (Part 2) - Bananas with Sesame

Note: This photo is taken with my mobile phone from the Wellness Magazine, Premium Issue, 2007

Ingredients for bananas:
* 5 medium bananas - halved
* 3 eggs - whisked
* Flour
* Sesame seed
* Vegetable oil or any kind of oil for frying

Ingredients for mango marmalade:
* 3 mangoes - chopped into bite-sized chunks
* 60g table sugar
* A small cube of fresh ginger - chopped coarsely
* Water

Directions for bananas:
Heat oil. Coat banana halves with flour, eggs, and sesame seeds. Fry until lightly browned. Drained on paper.

Directions for mango marmalade:
Boil sugar, ginger, and water on medium heat. Stir until liquid becomes dense and starts to become slightly browned. Add mango and remove from heat. Set aside to cool. Serve with bananas.

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