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Spicy Tweet-up at My Spicy Corner @ SS9A/17

This is the first time I join tweet-ups with new friends from Twitterverse.

It's indeed great to gather at @SpicyCorner, hosted by the owner of My Spicy Corner, Ija Mohan (@SpicyGuy), and meeting up for lunch with Niki Cheong (@nikicheong), Peter Pek (@PeterPek), Melvin (@melvinchanwh) April (@aprilyim), Praveen (@veen1828), Rachel (@redsheep), and others who haven't join Twitter yet. Oh yeah, my sister, Judith (@ditditdit).

Photos from Spicy Corner's Facebook Fan Page.

Check out My Spicy Corner's website and mobile site. The easiest way to reach this restaurant without getting lost in the jungle of Kpg Tunku and Sg Way is by taking the Federal Highway (follow the direction that heads towards KL). Take the left turn (under) the LDP cable bridge, then turn left into an uphill road. Go straight, find Caltex and park your car somewhere there. My Spicy Corner is opposite Caltex. Easy, right? Or check its map here.

Here comes good food!

Madras Tea
You need to master the technique to drink this tea or you'll end up drinking teh tarik (like what happened to me. LOL!) My sister managed to drink the whole glass without disrupting the nice layering of tea and fresh milk!

The tea layer is bitter while the fresh milk layer is refreshing. So, you need to sip it slowly, let the milk mixes itself with the tea in your palate. Wow, awesome! I mean, I managed to take a sip in this way before I stirred the whole glass into teh tarik. :S

Three-layered Tea
Brown sugar, milk, and tea. What do you expect? Great concoction to soothe your cravings for tea beverages.

Cheesey Naan
Best shared - it's a rather filling dish. The gravy that comes with the naan is delicious. I wonder what is it called.

Chicken Tandoori
The traditional dish that comes with naan, served with mint paste. Good choice for health-conscious people - not oily.

Great time, great people, great food, great thing to do on a Sunday!

Quoting Niki Cheong's T-shirt:
My boss wanted me to work this weekend. (Front)
But I'm here (Back).


Check out what NST says about My Spicy Corner in Streets.

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