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13 Points You Wanna Know About Me

Straightforward, right? Have fun reading. By the way dear readers, this is not a 'press release'. However, it's not a 'national secret' either. :)

To those who know me personally, perhaps it'd be good if you read this
blogpost out of sincerity, not out of curiosity and I'd really appreciate that. :)

Thank you and happy reading!

1. I've written a blogpost with the title 25 Things in January 2009.
>> As I re-read the post at this point of my life, I find some points invalid, i.e. points 7, 8, 10, 16.

2. Point 7 once said, "I'm single and being single is not my fault. I can support myself with my own hard-earned money and spend my own money in whatever manner I like without reporting to anybody."
Wow, that was harsh. Well, to "counter-attack" that, I've written a post with the title About A Special Someone in February 2010. Yes, you've read it correctly. :)

3. Point 8 once said, "I watch movies at cinemas with my sister, 4-5 times a month, mostly on Friday nights."
Umm... I still do but not that often anymore. Hahaha!

4. Point 10 once said, "People change, so do I. I used to believe that I'll commit myself to marriage and family life. Now, I won't."
>> Right, people change. So, now I've changed back to being committed to my initial belief. :)

5. Point 16 once said, "I think I look better with straight hair. I shouldn't have done digital perm. Darn!"
>> No, no, no. I look better with permed hair and colored. ;)

6. In February 2009 and April 2009, I blogged about the emergence of Juice.
>> This blogpost is meant to be an answer.

7. In October 2009, I blogged about "10 Things I Believe in Finding Love & Falling in Love". Have you read it?
>> Obviously, the answer can be found from the link in point 2 of this blogpost.

8. I'm still working at the same company where I started my first job.
>> 2010 marks the 3rd year.

>> 2007-2009: Copywriter/Operations Executive. 2009-2010: Assistant Content Manager. > 2010: Project Manager. I like my job.

9. My favorite Malaysian telco is DiGi. I've a been a loyal customer since 2003, that's why.
>> Here's what I blog about DiGi's qualities that impress me.

10. I endeavor to complete my Project 365 - My Journey of "A Photo A Day" for 365 Days in 2010.
>> Here's the link for you to follow.

11. Something that touches me deeply - 14 February 2010.

>> By reflecting on my life and looking around me, I realized that I have been very lucky in many ways. Another thing occured to me, that I think I am lucky to have you too. :)

" Learning to be thankful is the first part in learning to live. " - David Alan Bates

>> Thanks dear. I am lucky to have you too. :)

12. My favorite quote about love.
>> We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

13. Finally, why 13 points?
>> 13 is his lucky number. :)


  1. Lol. Thanks. Not mine, it's from the internet. Google teacher provides all. LOL.