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About A Special Someone


2010 is a very special year. January came and went. Do you realize one twelfth of the year is gone? :P

January 2010 is a special month. Number one, for those of you who know me personally, yes, I am currently in a relationship with a special someone. :)

Number two, for those of you who keep on "pestering" me about why I like him, here you go, a whole list of it. And yeah, he knew I will be writing about this. :)

David is an eccentric man. Well, you may think, "Oh, so he's like those weird guys with peculiar habits?" Well, I have this as the answer: "An eccentric person is NOT a weirdo or a nut case."

An article about Eccentricity in Wikipedia has this to say:

"Eccentricity is often associated with genius, intellectual giftedness, or creativity. The individual's eccentric behavior is perceived to be the outward expression of his or her unique intelligence or creative impulse."

Also, according to studies, a healthy eccentric person have certain distinctive characteristics. Allow me to explain point by point. I promise, you won't ask me anymore questions after this. :)

1. Nonconforming attitude
>> Well, I don't have much to explain about his attitude. It depends much on situations and subject matters. Thus, the degree of non-conformation differs.

2. Creative
>> Oh yes, he is. He's in both marketing communication and journalism. Creativity is not only limited to his career. In himself, as a person, he is creative enough to come out with all sorts of witty remarks, suggestions, ideas, views, etc.

3. Intense curiosity
>> Hahaha. Very interesting. This is a bit inexplicable. It's always a surprise!

4. Idealistic
>> I don't study idealism. So, it's kinda hard for me to justify. Haha.

5. Happy obsession with a hobby or hobbies
>> StarWars! (Did I get the spelling correct? :S) And Zombies, Vampires! XD

6. Known very early in his or her childhood they were different from others
>> He told me that when he was young, he and his bunch of adventurous friends tried to get themselves killed as they went for climbing mountains, jungle trekking, and all sorts of outdoor stuff. Aiyer.

7. Highly intelligent
>> Ehem. I like man with brains. A man who reads, writes, and speaks out his mind is intelligently sexy. So is he. :)

8. Opinionated and outspoken
>> Opinionated, yes. Who's not anyway? Outspoken, depends.

9. Unusual living or eating habits
>> Haha. This is for me to know and to keep it between the two of us.

10. Not interested in the opinions or company of others
>> Hmmm. Not entirely true though.

11. Mischievous sense of humor
>> He makes me laugh from the bottom of my heart.

12. Single

>> Out. He has a girlfriend now, okay? :P

13. Usually the eldest or an only child
>> Oh, he's the eldest son in his family.

" As long as we can stay happy together a day at a time, we will eventually be happy together forever. " - David Alan Bates


  1. Surprisingly there are no words in this post which I don't understand. My vocabulary is obviously improving, or my dear GF is not showing off... anyway

    WE WEREN'T trying to kill ourselves on PURPOSE! It just happens. Adventure is what happens when you don't have proper planning. <--- some Discovery Channel Host said that.

    Oh ya, another thing to add its how weird it feels to be called "man".. ish.

  2. LOL!!!

    Vocab is the one thing that I open one eye & close one eye. Somemore midnite ady when I wrote this post. Vocab all in the drain. XD

    Okay, okay Mr Adventure Ordinaire, impromptu "planning" works. XD

    Oh, man... Oklah. Next time I just call you BF. XD

  3. Can i suggest being called "Galaxy Saving Super Hero" instead? Makes me seem less selfish then just rescuing ONE girl... :P

  4. ;) Now you're displaying your mischievous sense of humor. ;)

  5. A-hem. Sorry to burst bubble, but it's Star Wars. Got space. :O