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What is helping me with pregnancy gingivitis?

I'm a very lucky pregnant mama. :) 

Before I was pregnant, I have successfully managed my pre-pregnancy weight by going through a 3-month program called The Right Approach (TRA).

A year later and being pregnant now, I haven't put on any excessive weight at all.

Not only that, I also learn what is helping me with pregnancy gingivitis. 

Pregnancy gingivitis

Before I was pregnant, I have sensitive teeth and my gums bleed every single time I brush my teeth but I thought, nah... it's not a big deal. I have bleeding gums for so long but I'm still alive.

To my horror, my dentist confirmed that I have some form of pregnancy gingivitis when I was 4 months pregnant. I was really worried.

Do you know what is pregnancy gingivitis? Pregnancy gingivitis affects anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women, and those with the disease are 7 times more likely to go into preterm labor, preclampsia and have low-birth weight babies! Oh dear.....

Pregnant women experience increased sensitivity and puffiness of the gums. The explanation is that pregnancy causes an alteration in estrogen and progesterone levels. This interacts with plaque present in the mouth and the result is an exaggerated form of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).


The fix!

I learn that professional dental cleanings done by my dentist twice during my pregnancy help to mitigate the risk.

But that is on the side of professional help. Actually, what you can do on your own which I found did help was frequent daily brushing (two times a day) and flossing. These tips somewhat reduce gum swelling, sensitivity, and so on.

One thing I learn later is that the right toothbrush is very important. What I start to use is Systema's 0.02mm toothbrush.

Systema 0.02mm toothbrush

Have you heard of Systema 0.02mm toothbrush? I believe you remember the “Systema” jingle from radio ads and TV commercials.

What's the big deal about 0.02mm Super Slim Bristles?


Three main points:
  • Penetrates deeper along gum-lines and in-between teeth, i.e. the hardest to reach areas in the mouth
  • 9x CLEANER
  • Controlled pressure while brushing that leads to less stress on sensitive teeth and swelling gums

Why I love Systema 0.02mm toothbrush range

My gums don't bleed anymore when I brush my teeth nowadays! My pregnancy gingivitis is under control!

Find out more about Systema 0.02mm toothbrush range on their website. I particularly love their revolutionary Systema Sensitive 0.02mm!!!


Okay, lastly, let me share with you some of the oral care tips I learned.

1. Choose the RIGHT toothbrush. 

- Bristles: super slim bristle tip toothbrush to effectively remove plaque and impurities from your teeth and gums

- Head: preferably small-headed to reach all areas of your mouth and hard-to-reach back teeth

- Handle: one that suits your level of comfort when you are holding your toothbrush

2. Don't brush too hard or aggressively! Brush your teeth twice a day, preferably 2 minutes each time.

3. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months, or once they begin to wear out for effective cleaning and to prevent fungus and bacteria from developing on the bristles.

4. Visit your dentist every 6 months, unless your dentist suggests otherwise.

Facebook page

Learn more about Systema from their Facebook page: Keep Smiling.