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Happy 1/2 year, Luke!

Luke turned 0.5 year old three days ago. Happy 1/2 year, Luke boy!
What can baby Luke do nowadays?

Gross motor
  • Lifts head and chest off the ground when lying on tummy by pushing up on extended arms
  • Rolls over side to side (back to tummy and tummy to back) easily
  • Rocks and kicks a lot
  • Rolls around in delight
  • Sits with support and a straight back briefly, using hands on floor for balance and support
  • Bears weight on legs, bounces when held erect
  • Likes seeing the world when standing

Fine motor
  • Uses one-handed purposeful grasp to shake, bang, put object in mouth, then finally drop it
  • Enjoys dropping objects repeatedly to learn the noises they make
  • Uses whole hand to rake in and pick up small object
  • Regularly reaches for objects out of reach

Talking and understanding
  • Makes four or more distinct sounds (vowels and consonants)
  • Laughs in response to something
  • Searches for sound by turning his head
  • Changes behaviour when listening to sound and human conversation
  • Babbles and "talks" to toys and to himself in mirror
  • Understands speech by the tone of people's voice
  • Recognizes names, basic words, familiar household sounds
  • Enjoys manipulating other people's faces by poking, pulling and studying them to understand his separateness from them

  • Enjoys and responds to play
  • Anticipates touch or being lifted
  • Turns head to people
  • Very sociable - smiles, laughs hilariously, and enjoys being with people
  • May be more selective about with whom he socializes
  • When he can't do something, may become frustrated and whines
  • Smiles at himself in the mirror
  • Very curious to explore the world around him
  • Appears to make decisions when choosing to play with toys
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