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Pampering baby Luke with Anakku Signature products

Have you seen Anakku baby products in pastel blue, green, pink, and orange packaging? These are their latest products from the Anakku Signature range, a new range of baby toiletries for newborn until 3 years old.

What I have are Milk Head to Toe (bath), Milk Lotion, Milk Talcum, and three types of Baby Wipes.

Anakku Signature Milk Head to Toe
Baby Luke loves his daily morning bath. I'm looking for a foam-based head-to-toe baby cleanser because 1) I don't like to use liquid or gel-based cleansers; 2) baby Luke doesn't have much hair, so he doesn't need a separate bottle of shampoo. :)
Good thing that the Milk Head to Toe bath product suits my preference. It directly pumps out foam, which can be applied onto my baby's hair and body without lathering. I like! It's also tear-free and contains nourishing milk proteins and moisturising properties such as Vitamin A and E, and aloe vera.
Most importantly, I love how goooood my baby smells after his bath! :D
Anakku Signature Baby Wipes
Another must-have product is the baby wipes. I can't live without baby wipes. It's a god-sent product when I need to do quick, hygienic wipe-downs for my baby instead of preparing water and washcloth. However, I'm very picky when it comes to which baby wipes to buy. I don't buy non-branded wipes.
There are three variants of the Anakku Signature Baby Wipes, i.e. Fragrance Free (green packaging), Sensitive (pink packaging), and Extra Moisture (blue packaging).

After trying out a few pieces from each variant, I like the fragrance free wipes the most because that's how I like my baby wipes - no overpowering frangrance.

See how fresh my baby looks after his diaper change. :)

Anakku Signature Milk Lotion and Milk Talcum
Well, I don't use any lotion or talcum for my baby, so I guess I will use them for myself.

Where to Buy?
You can buy Anakku Signature range products at departmental stores, mini markets, pharmacies, and baby shops.


  1. My girls also using the same range. I like the foam based baby bath.