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Liquid gold - every drop counts

Liquid gold, i.e. breast milk. I don't use electric or manual breast pump nowadays. I use the hand expression method to express every single drop, three times a day (20 minutes each session) during working hours, Mondays to Fridays. :)

Yes, it's the milk of love. As with any manual skill, practice is important. I have ditched my breast pumps since baby turned 6 months. Now, I just stick to hand expression. It's faster and less stressful.

For your knowledge, baby is the best "pump" in regards to draining your breasts. Second best is hand expression (provided you've practiced well). Breast pumps, even the much-praised "M" brand, will not be able to drain your breasts as effectively.

Why is breast drainage so important? Drained breasts make milk faster and full breasts make milk slower. Whenever your breasts contain enough milk to feel full, your milk production slows. The fuller your breasts become, the stronger the signal your body receives to slow milk production. Learn more here.


I love the diagrams below. They explain what is so good about breastfeeding. And the reason why I will continue to express my liquid gold for my baby.

#1 - Breastfeeding satisfies a baby's demands: warmth in the arms of his mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence.

#2 - Breastfeeding is not just about the milk. The diagram above provides more than enough reasons to show how important breastfeeding is to a baby and the mother.

Babies ask to breastfeed:
  • when they are thirsty
  • when they are hungry
  • if they feel the need for comfort, affection, and eye contact
  • to help them relax, wind down, or sleep
  • if they need the milk's components to grow, thrive, protect their intestinal and immune systems, or recover from illness

For mothers:
  • Promotes postpartum recovery and delays ovulation
  • Lowers incidence of reproductive cancers and cardiovascular diseases
  • Promotes better sleep and improves emotional health

#3 - Formula milk contains nutrients BUT they don't have all the immunity factors that a baby really NEEDS.

#4 - A very strong statement: "I won't apologize for 'losing' myself to motherhood. On the contrary, it is with motherhood that I have found myself." 

 Photo source

#5 - Breastfeeding. Because washing bottle SUCKS. I make milk. What's your superpower?

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