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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Double-boiled pear & ginger - for cough and phlegm

Baby had his first flu when he was 6 months old after a visit to his pediatrician. I guessed he contracted the flu virus from sick kids in the clinic at that time. After browsing through some natural remedies about how to reduce cough and phlegm, I decided to make steamed onion juice.
Half a year later, he has his second flu. Me too. Boohoo. I don't like the taste of steamed onion juice, so this time I make double-boiled pear and ginger.

I use one Packham pear (peeled and cut into cubes) and a thumb-sized ginger (peeled and cut into 3-4 broad slices).
Put the pear cubes and ginger slices into a bowl. Add just enough water to cover them. You can add a teaspoon of molasses sugar (optional) if you like it. Then, I add some water into my SEED lunch box's stainless steel pot and put the bowl into it to create the double-boiling effect.

My double-boiled pear and ginger juice is ready in an hour's time. I pour about 2.5 ounces into a baby bottle attached with a feeding spoon to feed my baby. I eat the rest of the pear.

Can you see the baby's little hand in the background? :)

Is it effective? I cook twice (one week apart). After the first round, he still coughs but not as bad. He doesn't cough after the second round.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for sharing this remedy for cough! Will keep this in mind!

  2. Hi Joyce, for the pear does it have to be ripe? May I know where to get the spoon attach to bottle? How frequent to give if having cough phlegm and running nose? Thanks a lot

    1. Hi nicole, the bottle with the spoon is from the brand Pigeon. I gotten it from AEON (Jusco). I think the pears are just those normal pear sold in supermarkets, I assume they are ripe. But I don't think ripeness matters. Frequency of giving depends on the baby's age. I think from 6-12mo, just 1-2oz after main meals. More than 1 yo, can be slightly more ounces depending on the toddler's appetite, 3 times a day.



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