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Playtime activities for my 12-month old toddler

My baby is now a 12-month old toddler. GASP! He's eating solid food well, i.e. 3 solid meals plus 2 mini snacks daily. He likes drinking plain water (much to my surprise and relief). He still breastfeeds whenever I'm at home, before naps, before sleeping at night, and 2-3 times between 12-6am.

He crawls on his knees and hands very fast in the house from the living room to the kitchen then to our bedroom, basically everywhere except the front porch and the backyard. He can stand up while holding on to chairs and sofas, and cruises from one end to the other end of the sofa.

He talks in his baby language a lot. One instance that I like the most is that he will say mum-mum and tug at my top's collar to tell me he wants milk.

He hates to be alone (separation anxiety peaks between 12-18 months). He loves upbeat music and he will dance along, wriggling his body up and down. Hahaha! He can hum a few notes when he hears nursery rhymes that he usually hears.

He can wave his hand to indicate "bye bye" or "hi", especially at strangers. He likes looking at other babies and toddlers. And he always wave at pretty ladies. Hmmm.

And yeah, he loves playtime!

His favorite toys are balls, blocks, and shapes. The stack 'em up shapes and balls are his father's childhood toys. The Lego Duplo set is his birthday present from his god-grandparents. The musical toy radio's brand is Vtech Baby, RM18 (after 70% discount) from Toy 'R' Us sale. The toy xylophone's brand is Little Tikes, RM90 (after 10% discount) from AEON.

He loves container-type of toys.

He's fiddling with his new "radio".

He likes to sit in his little cart to be "carted" around the house.

The swing is his favorite item at the playground.

This is his favorite toy so far - his baby tricycle (birthday present from his grandparents) - his new-found mobility. He will crawl towards it, stand up, make hand gestures, and utter some sounds to indicate he wants a ride. Sometimes, we let him ride around the house. Sometimes, we bring him to the playground in it. He enjoys riding as we push the tricycle around.

Sounds fun? Yeah. But at times when he's cranky, fussy, and super whiny (I hate it when he whines), and I don't seem to be able to figure out what he wants, this quote is a timely reminder before I throw a tantrum bigger than his. Lol.

Dear Mother, I know I look bigger and I am walking and talking a little. But part of me is still a baby. I get frustrated. I don't know how to tell you how I am feeling. Be patient with me. I still need you. Love, Your Toddler.


  1. a beautiful post. my son LOVES those xylophone toys as well.