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Brushing my boy's 8 teeth!

Hi everyone! It's me! I have 8 baby teeth now! Mama has started brushing my teeth. See how nice they are?

They started growing since I was 6.5 months old. Mama blogged about my first pearly whites here and here.

By 9 months old, I have 6 teeth. Then, they stopped growing for quite a while until I turned one year old.

And now at 13.5 months, I have 8 baby teeth!

Mama bought an organic toothpaste for me. It's called Ankle Biters Toothpaste. Okay, let me ask mama to explain what toothpaste is this.

Phyto Shield Ankle Biters - Wickedly Wild Berry Toothpaste (75g)

According to this website, this is a toothpaste that gives every parent a peace of mind. This wild berry flavored toothpaste is formulated with the best natural ingredients that your little one deserved. The combination of totarol, xylitol and the finest beneficial oils of peppermint and eucalyptus help you safeguard your child's oral health. The toothpaste is sweetened with natural fruits concentrate and was free from any harsh and harmful chemicals.

In summary, this toothpaste is a great nasties-free (no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), no paraben, no fluoride, no artificial sweetener, no petrochemical derivatives) toothpaste suitable for children of all ages.

I have two toothbrushes. Mama wears this mini silicone finger "toothbrush" on her index finger, smears a little bit of toothbrush on the bristles, and brushes my 8 little teeth. Then, she wipes off excess toothpaste from my teeth and lips with a wet cloth.


Now, she's using this banana toothbrush. It's the same one that she bought for me as a teether.

Mama hasn't brought me to visit a dentist yet. She's not sure what's the suitable age to introduce me to the dentist.

Do you have any good kids-friendly dentist to recommend? Mama will be happy to hear from you. :)


  1. I used that silicone finger toothbrush for my other kids before! That banana toothbrush is cute.

    1. I plan to intro real kid's toothbrush when he's 18mo later.