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Monthly recap @ 18 months

One memorable achievement when the little one turned 18 months was that he celebrated the Goat Year in hubby's 30++ years old Chinese samfu! We also put on a little Chinese hat for him and he's just the most adorable Eurasian "ah boy" in town. :)

Spot the baby in his first lo hei session. :)

Monthly recap @ 18 months

A spurt in physical development this month - surer on his feet, may love to climb all over the furniture. He can also hold in his mind a clear memory of an object long after it's out of sight.

There may be days when all that physical energy is more than you can handle. Rather than fight it – after all, you can't change it – turn on some music, grab your little one, and invent some new dance steps together.

The thrill of learning to walk and run may have launched your toddler into perpetual motion. He just doesn't want to stop – especially to do something as unexciting as sleep! Then again, sometimes a child perfectly capable of walking on his own two feet wants to be carried.

Note: My toddler likes to be carried in our Manduca soft-structured carrier especially after his little feet are tired out from all those walking when we bring him to shopping malls. :)

Napping soundly in our Manduca soft-structured carrier.

You can practically see the light bulb goes on when your toddler figures out how to fit the pieces of a puzzle together. Simple puzzles, nesting blocks, and stacking toys not only draw on your child's mental resources, they help hone fine motor skills. While your toddler will continue to burst with energy, he's probably spending more time sitting still, especially when there's a problem to be solved.

Now, what else did I observe throughout the entire month?

#1 - Speech

Babycenter.com says: Your toddler's vocabulary will grow by leaps and bounds over the coming months. While the first single words are usually nouns ("cat," "ball," "bottle"), phrases that use nouns and verbs tend to follow within a few months of first words: "Me want." "Go bye-bye."

Words & phrases that my little one can say so far:

Ma-ma, pa-pa, mah-mah (means grandma), gan-pa (means grandpa), mam-mam, ter-ter (means water), bowl, ball, book, uk-uk (means poop), boo (when we say peeka...), there, dit-ti (means dirty), no more, duck, hi, bye, baa baa, uh-oh, boon (means balloon), neck, back, bag, pom-pom (means shower time), bike, ang-bo (means angpow), one more, spoon, fork

#2 - Follow instructions

Put worn clothes in laundry basket
Throw soiled diaper into dustbin
Throw rubbish into dustbin
Switch off light before sleep
Turn on TV with remote
Turn on music on drum kit
Put toys into toy box
Stand, sit, dance
Point to body parts
Take off shoes
See mirror
Bless before sleep

And many many more!!!

#3 - Sing nursery rhymes
There are a few of his favorites, especially those with actions.

#4 - New activities

His new favorite activity: swimming!

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