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Part 1: Our 6D5N Taiwan trip itinerary

The little one's OOTD during our 6D5N Taiwan trip.

This trip was organized by church members. This round, we had 24 adults and 4 children (including my toddler who's the youngest).

14 Mar 2015 (Saturday)

7:00am - reached KLIA
9:00am - on-board Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong
1:05pm - reached HK International Airport
2:35pm - on-board Cathay Pacific flight to Taipei
4:10pm - reached Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

5:45pm - started our 2-hour bus ride down south to Caotun Township in Nantou County (somewhere in the middle of Taiwan)

7:45pm - scrumptious steamboat dinner at Shian Yeou Steamboat (鮮友火鍋) (Blogged: Part 2: Eat & drink in Taiwan)

9:30pm - stayed overnight at our host's house (church member) in Caotun

15 Mar 2015 (Sunday)

Morning - had wonderful local Taiwanese breakfast and lunch at our host's house (Blogged: Part 2: Eat & drink in Taiwan)

Afternoon - spent the afternoon at Caotun's art & craft exhibition center; then our host drove us around town

Dinner - thrilled by the variety of local Taiwanese dishes served to us by the church people (Blogged: Part 2: Eat & drink in Taiwan)

16 Mar 2015 (Monday)

7:30am - indulged in a super awesome breakfast spread at church
(Blogged: Part 2: Eat & drink in Taiwan)

8:30am - gotten on a bus ride to the mountainous area

9:30am - reached Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村), also gotten on cable car rides to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). There was also an European Garden (歐洲花園) opposite the cultural village featuring lots and lots of lavender!

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Cable car rides over spectacular landscapes.
Can you spot the little hand?

Sun Moon Lake view from the cable car.

Dance performance at the Aboriginal Cultural Village.

4:10pm - left the cultural village to continue our journey to Cingjing Farm (清境農場). We stayed at one of the farm resorts (which I couldn't recall its name). :S

6:30pm - reached the resort and had dinner. Slept early.

17 Mar 2015 (Tuesday)

Enjoyed morning sun at the beautiful farm resort.

7am - breakfast at resort

8:45am - left the resort to go to Cingjing Farm's famous green grasslands and sheep! (Blogged: Part 3: Sheep-ish Escapades at Cingjing Farm)

Group photo before going into the farm.

Sheep! Sheep!

Local market featuring stalls and stalls of street food.

12pm - had lunch at a scenic restaurant overseeing a "solidified lava" river

1:50pm - shopped at King Garden, Puli Township, Nantou

2:10pm - started bus journey up north to Taipei

5:30pm - reached Taipei

6:30pm - had buffet dinner at the church's meeting hall

9:30pm - stayed overnight at our host's house (church member) in Taipei

18 Mar 2015 (Wednesday)

Spent the day at Taipei 101 and Taipei World Trade Center.

Had western dinner at My Home Steak (a church member's restaurant).

19 Mar 2015 (Thursday)

9:45am - reached Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and watched the on-duty-soldier-changing performance

10:15am - started journey to Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

8pm - reached KLIA

10pm - reached home. Became a sick cat due to dehydration. The tot was fully hydrated. Thanks to breastfeeding (Blogged: Part 4: Taiwan - breastfeeding heaven). The little "sucker" latched all my water away. Hah.


  1. Wow! Nice trip. I am sure your boy enjoyed the holiday. Like that umbrella art.

    1. Yeah, he had so much fun! I need to plan more vacations. Hehe.