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Part 2: Eat & drink in Taiwan

Here's Part 1: Our 6D5N Taiwan trip itinerary, in case you missed it. :)

 Now, here comes part 2!

Taiwanese Glutinous Rice Rolls / "Fan Tuan" (飯團)

You haven't been to Taiwan if you haven't eaten "Fan Tuan" (飯團) for breakfast. Serious!

"Fan Tuan" is a Taiwanese breakfast item that resembles a sushi roll. It's made from sticky glutinous rice with assorted stuffing such as shredded dried pork, hard-boiled egg, green beans, and Chinese cullers. This satisfying roll has become one of my favorite breakfast foods on earth!

Wonderful meals prepared by local people.

I realized that the Taiwanese love to serve super duper fresh and sweet cherry tomatoes. My toddler had the time of his life eating them! He could eat 6-7 cherry tomatoes at one time. He would squish the fruit with his little fingers, suck out the sweet innards, give the empty shell a few bites, then he would either swallow it or spit it out. Hah!

Steamed broccoli was his favorite too! He would munch on a few florets happily while I tried my best to coax him to eat a few mouthful of rice-tofu-broth-egg-whatever-I-could-find-that-I-think-he-will-eat. Hehe.

Usually, he'd be pretty satisfied munching on a banana after stuffing himself silly with tomatoes and broccoli. If he didn't finish the banana, I'd coax him to eat a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt or fresh milk. Oh yeah, he refused to drink soya milk. Hrmph.

I was so glad he didn't lose weight. Serious!

Rows and rows of fresh milk!

Other food and my favorite milk tea!

Shian Yeou Steamboat Restaurant

This was where we all had our first dinner - steamboat style - after we arrived in Caotun. Look at those soup bases! Since I needed to share my pot with my toddler, I had to order the original flavor soup base. I ordered the miso flavor soup base for my hubby. Actually, I'd love to find out how would the Southeast Asia curry flavor soup base taste like. Lol.

Assorted fresh and cooked food.

One of the locals introduced me to this "man bo" fish (曼波魚) that tasted like unflavored gelatine or agar-agar after it's fully cooked in soup. Hmmm.....

Passion Fruit Jelly bought from King Garden (元首館) at Puli Township, Nantou, Taiwan.

Assorted snacks given to us by the locals - preserved dried meat and pineapple tarts. 

I used the Caotun white rice to cook this Tomato Enoki Rice Porridge for my toddler.

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