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Our first family beach vacation at Club Med Cherating!

Oh yeah, it's a wrap for our first family beach vacation at Club Med Cherating!

I'll just let the photos and some short descriptions say it all. :)

The photo says it all. :)

Here's the post when baby's still in bump: Babymoon on Labor Day 2013 (at The Legend Resort, Cherating). :)

Some views of our room.

Now that we have a toddler with us, our family room came with a baby crib, a baby bottle warmer, and a set of baby toiletries bag. The crib became a place to hang our towel and clothes because we co-sleep with him on our bed and the room was quite small and had zero hooks to hang cloth hangers.

Now, what else happened at Club Med?

Playing by the seaside, of course!!!

The tot and his beach toys.

He had much fun "dancing" on the stage.

Poolside fun was compulsory too!

Walking around like a boss.

Meal times were awesome. He loved Club Med food.

Kid's tray for balanced meals.

I find this kid's tray concept very interesting.

Yellow: Pasta, potato, rice
Green: Vegetables
Pink: Meat or fish
Blue: Fruits
Purple: Cheese & yogurt

I ate all kinds of cheeses at the cheese platter.

Free flow cocktails, liquors, fruit juices at The Bar.

Cocktail of the day to spice up the day!

More vacations like this please! :)


  1. Hi Joyce,
    Well, it's a great family vacation to unwind in the beach & the sea ^-^! Hee hee ..oh! that sunshine little cutie boy !

  2. Hi Joyce,

    Your family vacation at club med looks fun! Nice to see your little one is loving this trip.

    Wish that I can be there too. Well, obviously! :p


    1. Thanks Zoe! I'm looking forward to more trips!

      And I'm going away this weekend for the entire week. :)