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8 DIY busy bag ideas for two-year-olds (no sewing needed!)

I have compiled eight DIY busy bag ideas for my 28.5-month toddler last month during the long Christmas week holidays. The plus point is: they don't need any sewing skill at all! Yay!

Those pretty and colorful busy bag and/or quiet book ideas that I found online require substantial sewing skills, lots of creativity, and patience. I can only sew buttons. Sobs. And I'm still trying my best to be a creative mom. Lol.

After about a month of searching for ideas online and a few trips to Daiso and MR. D.I.Y. to buy materials, these eight humble ideas are conceived. :)

The rustic storage bag to keep his busy bags.

Tips: Buy lots of ziplock bag, they will come in handy. I buy my materials from Daiso and MR. D.I.Y.

Don't get discouraged if you can't seem to replicate those super creative ideas you found online. Adapt as necessary to suit your level of creativity. Practice makes perfect. I have so much more to learn.

#1: Jigsaw Puzzle

Materials: Jigsaw puzzle suitable for your kiddo's age

Let him take his time to put the puzzle pieces in place. Give him some help (if needed) along the way and praise him when he manages to get the puzzle done.

#2: Match the Alphabets

Materials: Colorful popsicle sticks, mini wooden pegs (for little hands), colorful alphabet stickers

Stick alphabet sticker in a way that each popsicle stick has a corresponding wooden peg with the same alphabet. Let him pair them up. Or perhaps, un-stick everything. Lol.

#3: Stuff the Pom-Poms

Materials: Colorful mini pom-poms, a plastic ball with holes

This is a simple yet engaging idea in many levels. You can ask him to sort the pom-poms by colors before stuffing them into the ball. Or you can ask him to tell you what to do with the pom-poms. Just make sure he doesn't try to eat them.

#4: DIY Surprise Eggs

Materials: Assorted mini colorful toys, assorted empty containers that can be used to replicate surprise eggs

Create one or two surprise eggs samples for him to see. Then, let him use his creativity to pick and choose the toys he wants for each container.

#5: Thread the Shapes

Materials: Colorful pipe cleaners, shapes from construction tool kit for kids

This is an easy activity and good for motor skills.

#6: Thread the Straws

Materials: Colorful pipe cleaners, drinking straws (cut into 1-inch sticks)

This is an easy activity and good for motor skills.

#7: Velcro Chain

Materials: Colorful velcro strips

Make the strips into loops and chain them together!

#8: Wooden Puzzles

Materials: Wooden puzzle

This is a fuss-free activity for my toddler who loves everything vehicles. So far, this idea is his favorite and he could fit in the puzzle pieces correctly on his first try.


  1. Hi Joyce,

    Great tips!!
    I tried to look for those stuff in daiso and mr DIY but I can't seem to find the container for the surprise egg. Where did you get those? And what section is it under?



    1. Hi Carmen, I keep all the containers and mini toys every time we buy any sort of surprise egg for him. Then we can make our own DIY surprise eggs with different combination of toys.

      I saw one possible stacking containers that you can buy from Toy'r'Us. Playskool brand.

  2. Hi Joyce,

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. :) May I know where u bought these jigsaw puzzle and wooden puzzle? I was looking for simple (e.g 4-6 pieces) but hard to get.

    Thank you.

    Wan Kim