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Life snippets with my 29-month toddler

I've been trying my best to provide hands-on activities for little man. At 29 months (2 years + 5 months), he's a little ball energy. He needs lots of activities, or he will go crazy from boredom. I'm no expert yet and there's much room for improvement.

Top left: His toys in one corner of our living room. We don't have a special room for him, not yet I guess.

Top right: Sticker book helps to keep him occupied a fair bit. Well, I just gotta spend some time peeling stickers off the floor after he's done. Lol.

Bottom left: I have prepared some DIY busy bags for him earlier on. Here's what I have done.

Bottom right: The aftermath!

Most of the time, he will still be bored after playing with his favorite Hot Wheels cars and Duplo blocks. So, his papa comes out with this idea of creating a "cave" for him from a table and a huge blanket.

A mini laundry basket makes a great idea for him to stuff mini pom-poms through the holes. Well, this idea works for the first 12-15 balls before he decides to pour the entire bag of pom-poms into the basket from the top. T_T

When it's the papa's babysitting time, he will introduce new "manly" hobbies such as this color-changing Hot Wheels car.

You can never go wrong with outdoor playgrounds! This is one of the best ways to exhaust their energy. We usually avoid indoor playgrounds in shopping malls because those are really breeding grounds for germs.

When the boy becomes clingy and wants to be carried all the time, a ring-sling comes in handy. This ring sling is made by a local business owner, NeezaNeedles.

Some quotes that resonate with my current state of mind.

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

For once, stop thinking about what could go wrong and think about what can go right.

Life is not a competition. Find the stuff that makes your soul sing and be your own uniquely beautiful self.

God will always provide. It just might look different than what we had in mind.

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Posted by on Friday, January 22, 2016

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