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Personalized Cold Pressed Juices from Cynful Pleasure Home Juicing

Cynful Pleasure Home Juicing

Cynful Pleasure Home Juicing, founded by single mom Cynthia Wong, is recommended if you want to buy homemade personalized cold pressed juices.

Her bestseller, the ready-to-purchase set of six bottles of cold pressed juices comes with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and chia seeds for a boost of nutrients.

Natural flavor, original color, full of vitamins and nutrients

Here are the bottles.

Bottle No. 1: Raw Cashew Nut + Mineral Water

This bottle of raw cashew milk makes a great choice for breakfast beverage. You can add some honey to sweeten it up if you like. Or, you can add it into your morning cuppa of coffee or tea. In fact, nut milk is a great substitute for dairy milk. I personally love to add nut milk into my bowl of granola.

Bottle No. 2: Pineapple + Pear + Lemon + Ginger + Lemongrass

Also called Tropical Detox (Yellow), this bottle of cold pressed juice tastes very refreshing. I'm not a fan of pineapple but luckily the addition of lemon, ginger, and lemongrass balances the overall taste.

Bottle No. 3: Celery + Broccoli + Coriander + Cucumber + Starfruit

Aptly called Mean Green, at first, I'm quite skeptical. Its list of ingredients looks mean because I dislike coriander and starfruit and I have never eaten raw broccoli! But oh my, I'm surprised with the overall taste. It doesn't taste as green as I thought but it sure takes some time for my tastebuds to adjust to this new invasion of tastes. :P

Bottle No. 4: Watermelon + Purple Carrot + Dragon Fruit + Beetroot

This is so far my favorite - Earthy Hydration (Red) because it's sweet and it's not green! Lol. I love watermelon and dragon fruit. Oh, don't worry about the beetroot, you can't really taste its earthiness in this juice.

Bottle No. 5: Spinach + Lettuce + Siu Pak Choy + Romaine Lettuce + English Spinach + Green Apple

Oh uh, another mean looking juice called Enriched Chlorophyll. When I read the list of vegetables, I'm a bit enthralled. I'm pleasantly surprised with its overall taste. It's like drinking cold pureed vegetable soup. I wonder if I can add some salt into it. Hmm...

Bottle No. 6: Orange + Apple + Carrot + Pumpkin + Turmeric

This bottle of Vitamin Booster (Orange) is the most acceptable juice in terms of familiarity. Everyone knows and drinks orange juice! But I like the addition of turmeric, the latest anti-cancer powerhouse. I feel like a million bucks healthier when I drink this brilliant concoction in my favorite color - orange! Hint: See the color theme of my revamped blog - it's orange! Lol.

How to buy?

For more information or orders, kindly contact mommy Cynthia Wong via:

Mobile: 016 229 1429

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  1. Vibrant natural and healthy juices by a very hardworking mummy. Please support mummy Cynthia!