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Dragon One @ SS2

There are many places to savor affordable and delicious dim sum in SS2, Petaling Jaya. I'm wondering how will they survive?
A Little Dim Sum Place
Restoran Chef Loong

And now, Dragon One (don't mix up with Dragon-i or Canton-i). An interesting fact found on Dragon One's simple two-sided pamphlet, Chef Loong (one of its owners) is specialized in dim sum preparation at JW Marriott Hotel and Palace of The Golden Horses previously.
According to a waitress, Chef Loong also worked at Restoran Chef Loong for one and a half years.

Address: No. 59, Ground Floor, Jln SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (between Murni & Public Bank, SS2)
Tel.: 012-398 9803 (Chef Loong)
Business Hours: Tue - Sat (12-10:30pm); Sun & Public Holidays (10am - 10:30pm); Closed on Mondays. Funny, why are these dim sum fellas like to close shop on Mondays?

Prawn Dumplings with Spinach (Har Gao) - Rm4.80 for 3
Chunks of fresh prawn with spinach - an interesting combination!

Jellyfish with Shredded Carrot (left) - RM5.80
Stir-fried Bean Sheet (right) - RM4.50
Jellyfish is springy and crunchy, with the usual blend with light soy sauce. Also, I've been looking for stir-fried bean sheet (
炒粉皮) for a looooong time. I like the transparent, springy "plastic" sheets that are made tasty after being stir-fried with chives, eggs, prawns, etc.

BBQ Char Siew Bao - RM3.60 for 2
Errr... They can do better, I believe, at least bigger than Xiao Long Bao, please. I guess, since Char Siew Bao is not as popular as Xiao Long Bao, they may still the same.

Ma Lai Koh (Steamed Layer Cake) - RM4.50 for 4 cubes
This is the first time I tried Ma Lai Koh. Hmmm... my sister likes it. For me, I need time to accept the combination of slightly sweet custard with salted egg yolk. :S

Let me list out some dishes that are highlighted on their pamphlet: Pan-Fried Meat Buns, Shanghai Style La Mian with Crab Roe, Lotus Paste Balls, Stir-Fried Yam Cake, Pretty Lady Buns (they come in a pair and really look like women's breasts), Steamed Rice Flour Roll with Duck Meat in Crab Sauce, Avocado with Kataifi (I still don't get the meaning of this dish), Deep Fried Spring Roll with Unagi and Yoghurt, Steamed Fish Paste Dumpling with Oyster Sauce, Stir-Fried Vermicelli with Minced Pork, Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Orange Sauce, Baked Prawn Dumpling with Cheese. Ta-da!

No service charge yet. Good! I shall come again and try out those dishes with canggih names. LOL.

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