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Kuching Trip 20-22 Jan 2011 (Part III) - Food: Pansuh Manok (Bamboo Chicken)

Photos courtesy of David Bates. :)

Al-Fayad Bamboo Chicken

Address: No. 115, Kampung Boyan, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.


From the self-explanatory board, Pansuh Manok or Bamboo Chicken is a Sarawakian traditional dish - chicken cooked in bamboo with 15 kinds of jungle herbs and ferns.

Here's how the cooked chicken and herbs are poured from the bamboo.

Close-up shot.

Pansuh Manok
This dish is not really flavorful but it's surprisingly refreshing due to the (almost, I think) non-existence of seasonings. The clear broth retains the original flavor of chicken breast meat and jungle herbs and ferns. I don't know what are the 15 types of "grass" used in this dish but they are not bitter or weird. In fact, I enjoy munching them. :)

Pansuh Manok is definitely one of the interesting, must-try Sarawakian traditional dishes.

Belacan Midin
Midin is a local edible fern. It looks like paku-pakis but slightly thinner. Midin is usually stir-fried with belacan and chillies and best eaten with hill rice from Bario, Sarawak. :)


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