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Kuching Trip 20-22 Jan 2011 (Part VI) - Sarawak's Natural Beauty

Photos courtesy of David Bates. :)

Here's a local folksong dedicated to the legendary Puteri Santubong, whom according to legend, inhabits Mount Santubong even to these days. I still remember the haunting tune. :)

For translation, read this original article.

Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang,
Penjaga gunung negeri Sarawak,
Manis sik ada dapat dilawan,
Anak dak dewa turun kayangan.

Ooo... Puteri Santubong,
Menenun kain… siang,
Ooo… Puteri Sejinjang,
Menumbuk padi… malam.

Satu harinya duak kelayi,
Beranok-anok sik renti-renti,
Sorang madah diri bagus agik,
Sorang sik ngalah sampei ke mati,

Yalah kisah duak 'rang puteri,
Suka kelayi setiap hari,
Lalu disumpah raja kayangan,
Menjadi gunung negeri Sarawak.

I love this shot of Misai Kucing, a local medicinal herb...

...and this serene lake overlooking Mount Santubong.

At Sarawak Cultural Village, I'm fascinated with these majestically tall stilts of Melanau (Sarawak Coastal People) Tall House...

...and intricately decorated stilts of similarly tall Orang Ulu Longhouse.

I'm thrilled climbing up and down these utterly dangerous-looking tree-trunk stairs that demand my 100% courage to "conquer" them without tumbling down like an egg. :P

These are hand-crafted sape, a traditional musical instrument...

...and here's a Penan man who speaks good English demonstrating his skills.

This stone statue resembles Jedi Master Yoda from Star Wars!

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