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Road trip 1: Taiping

6 highlights from our road trip to Taiping last weekend.

#1 - We traveled in a Toyota Prius. 

We started our journey around 1:30 p.m. and reached Taiping around 5:30 p.m. There were pockets of jam on the North-South Highway, particularly along the Slim River-Sungkai stretch.

#2 - In a restaurant, we saw a stack of towels with a card that says, "Please use the towel if you get wet." 

Now, that's true hospitality in a wet town with frequent out-of-the-blue drizzles.

#3 - We watched Total Recall as our first out-of-town movie at BIG Cinemas, Taiping Sentral. 

I think this is the only cinema in Taiping.

#4 - We attended Kenny & Wenny's wedding dinner. 

Kenny is the hubby's cousin. Wenny is Kenny's childhood friend and now they are husband and wife. Sweet!

#5 - I love this yellow bodywrap dress that I wore for Kenny & Wenny's wedding. 

This wicked little dress fits perfectly and accentuates curves. :)

Note: This photo is taken 2.5 months after I have done The Right Approach (TRA) program. :)

#6 - Raya cookies from my auntie.

One of my uncles married a Malay lady who makes really delicious Raya cookies that melt in your mouth!


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