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The boy's growth spurt @ 20 months

In a blink of an eye, he turns 21 months three days ago! I can't believe he's turning TWO in 3 months' time!

Now, let's recap his journey when he was 20 months. :)

His favorite "dummy" is still his two rubber duckies - one big, one small. He carries them everywhere - to the toilet, bedroom, car rides. He also carries them when he wants to breastfeed...

Oh, by the way, he finally reaches 10kg!!! His current weight hovers between 10.2-10.3kg.

He loves taking a walk with his papa around the condo-hood (you know, something like neighborhood). He also absolutely hearts bookstores. He will busy himself with a book while sitting at one of the book shelves. Just like his papa when he was a toddler. Me too. I believe being a bookworm is a genetic thing!!!

Also, Happy Mother's Day to me! That's me with the boobster taking his boob snack. Anytime, anywhere. Hahaha!

Blogged about my first food art!

Monthly recap @ 20 months

Learning to help feeding his pet guppies with grandma.

Your toddler loves to help: "Me do it" and "By self!" are two of a toddler's favorite declarations. Take advantage of that built-in desire by involving your toddler in simple chores.

Many jobs are beyond his ability, but he can work alongside you to help with simple tasks, such as putting dirty spoons in the dishwasher, wiping up his own food spills, watering plants, or placing napkins on the table. Taking part in household activities makes your 20-month-old feel important – like a contributing member of the team.

Toddlers don't distinguish between work and play. They just like to do. Encourage this attitude now, and your child may be an ongoing helper around the house. Be sure to offer specific approving praise, whether or not the job is done perfectly: "Wow, thanks for putting all those napkins on the plates!"

Note to self: I love this point about toddlers being natural helpers. Yes, he LOVES helping around. So, I will ask him to keep his toys after playing, putting his milk bottle into the sink, wiping spilled water on the floor.

Fun at Babytots@play - his first experience at a learning center.

Your toddler won't be able to carry on a conversation just yet, but don't be surprised if he starts mimicking your telephone style with his toy phone. You may also catch him imitating the way you act behind the wheel of the car, preparing meals, or cleaning the house.

The average 20-month-old can learn ten or more words a day, but don't expect your toddler to utter all these words just yet. Now he's working on his ability to understand. To help him along, keep reading and talking to him. When running errands, narrate your activities and ask him to point out objects you spot, such as an umbrella or flower.

Note to self: Oh yes, he mimics a lot. And he can string two words to form a short sentence! E.g. papa books, mama sit, boy bike, boy pom-pom, baby nen-nen, boy sick-sick, and a lot more! This sentence-forming language skill happened after a week of waking up in the middle of the night to roll around the bed and babble non-stop. Then, the waking-up stint stopped and he could talk so much more! Growth spurt for the win!

He absolutely loves and enjoys quality family time.
It's all about learning through playing!

Don't let your toddler's unpredictable behavior keep you from enjoying an occasional meal out. Treat yourself! Choose a family-friendly restaurant – any place with a kids' menu, crayons and paper, and a din loud enough to drown out squeals and whines. Take along a few small toys and snacks (crackers, cubes of cheese, cut-up fruit) to keep your toddler occupied. These diversions should buy you enough time to enjoy most of your meal.

Note to self: We eat out on most weekends. So the boy is accustomed to different types of eateries.

Loving his new organic snacks from Babydash.

Frustrating though it may be when your child freaks out over a broken cracker, it's normal. He's developing strong ideas about the way things are supposed to work – and that's a good sign. Once a toddler figures something out (crackers look like this), he doesn't like it to change, especially when it's as comforting and familiar as a favorite snack. Be patient. Eventually he'll learn to take the little disappointments and transitions of daily life in stride.

Note to self: Ok lah, even adults need to learn this. LOL.

Eating his favorite steamed broccoli for dinner.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    Reading your sharing on your boy's growing up reminds me of my 2 big kids when they were toddlers. I enjoyed my motherhood most when they were toddlers up to preschooler. I'm so blessed that they obediently finished the food whenever we dined out. Be it crowded places like food court, fast food outlets or restaurants.
    You have a great week ahead !

    1. Hi Karen, yeah I guess we all moms will always miss the time when our babies are still babies. In fact, I hope my boy will stay a toddler forever! :D