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Life gets better with handmade soaps! (featuring Soap Cart) {with Discount Code!}

Oh boy! Being a mom is hard. I mean, we moms are hard on ourselves.

We buy organic soaps and shampoos and what-nots for our babies. We use organic detergent to wash their clothes. We clean the house with environmental-friendly detergents. We buy and cook organic food for our babies. The list just grows longer.

Everything revolves around our kids, our family. But what about ourselves?

So, let's start with something small yet significant. Let's start with me-time or let's call it mommy-time.

And handmade soap bars take the cake!

Take a look at the selection of handmade soaps by Soap Cart. Love at first sight I call it.

Handmade soaps sound very rustic. And these colorful little bars are just so feminine. They kinda invoke an urge to pamper yourself silly. I can imagine myself indulging in the soaps' lovely scent and luxuriously smooth lather.

Shower time will never be the same again. Life gets better instantaneously! (Well, at least this is so until the toddler starts banging on the bathroom door, yelling, "Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!" until I open the door. Lol.)

Okay! Now, I'm gonna share about these four bars that I have: Bugs Away, Frangipani, Poppy Love, and Soothing Chamomile.

Oh, and don't forget to find out the Discount Code at the bottom of this post. ;)

Soothing Chamomile

  • Best-seller
  • Soothes the skin while providing natural moisturizing effect
  • Chamomile: adds healing properties that reduces redness and inflammation on irritated skin
  • Oats: an exfoliant and great emollient; clinically shown to help heal dry, itchy skin; one of the more common ingredients used in treating eczema
  • Suitable for most dry and sensitive skin 
  • You can buy this soap from Soap Cart's Online Shop

Poppy Love

  • 100% biodegradable, free from animal fat, without harmful chemicals 
  • Great scent that makes you smell great! 
  • Inclusion of blue poppy seeds provides gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and dead skin cells
  • You can buy this soap from Soap Cart's Online Shop

I love, love, love this bar. Its smell is so invigorating and my whole bathroom smells so good I don't want to come out. LOL!

Bugs Away

  • Loaded with natural essential oils known to repel insects and mosquitos 
  • 100% natural handmade soap 
  • Great for outdoor as well as daily use
  • You can buy this soap from Soap Cart's Online Shop

This soap is perfect for my hubby before he goes out for his outdoor sports activities.


  • Lovely fragrance and beautiful colorful swirls
  • Note: Not for sale yet

This soap is perfect for my mom-in-law who has green fingers and a flair of creating beautiful flower bouquets/arrangements. Speaking of which, she did the entire flower arrangements for my church wedding! :D

Other must-buy soaps

Creamy Avocado - A natural soap that has an amazing woody aroma enriched with avocado oil and the flesh of fresh avocado pears, perfect for all skin types to gently cleanse and hydrate the skin. Especially great for dry and mature skin types as avocado oil is prized for its anti-aging virtues.

Milky Way - A 100% natural handmade soap with organic goat milk and bamboo charcoal. Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way. Bamboo charcoal is a great additive to be used in facial soap to draws out impurities and toxins. The charcoal absorbs skin impurities by lifting dirt and oils from deep inside your pores. Great as facial and body soap.

Pure & Sensual - Made with simplistic in mind, this 100% natural bar is lightly scented with refreshing citronella essential oil. Great for those with fast and active lifestyle. No fuss men can even use it from head to toe! Suitable for normal skin type. Can be used as facial and body soap.

Rose Garden - This gentle soap is delicately scented with an elegant blend of tea rose fragrance and geranium essential oils. Enriched with cocoa butter, it gently cleanses the skin while leaving your skin moisturized with its high emollient properties.

Why Soap Cart?

Their in-house soap artisan formulates, makes, and sells handmade/handcrafted soap and other soaping materials with 100% natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. These are high quality handmade soaps that are not comparable to mass manufactured commercial bars.

Handmade soaps make great, thoughtful gifts too - for your spouse, mother-in-law, sisters, bff, etc. Soap Cart can create custom handmade soap, or a custom gift basket.

I like what they say, "We are sure that you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them."

By the way, they also conduct soap making classes if you are interested.

And now..... *drum rolls*

Discount Code!

For all my readers, you can enter this discount code: JOYCE15 when you're at the Checkout page to get 15% OFF product purchase!

Just enter JOYCE15 at the Coupon code box and click APPLY COUPON.

This code is valid from now till 31 December 2015! So, hurry!

Contact Soap Cart

Contact no.: +6017-488 3908

Address: 2A-5-20, Lengkok Nipah, Taman Lip Sin, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Thank you Soap Cart for collaborating with me for this post and for providing this discount code. :)

Soap Cart is listed on Featured Mommypreneurs on


  1. Hi Joyce,
    You are so right ... yea as moms, we tend to focus more on our families ... Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves >○< Thanks for sharing these lovely fragrance handmade soaps ^-^!