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Rawsome Chia Seed Puddings - #breakfastseries

Don't these look gorgeous? They taste as great as they look! For the past one week or so, I have been eating these Rawsome Chia Seed Puddings for breakfast every single day. And I want more!!!

Rawsome is all about healthy desserts. Want some healthy snacks minus the guilt? Rawsome is here to save the day! Their tagline: Healthy Guiltless Cravings.

Ooo laa laa.

Let me show you what flavors they have. And get ready to list down the flavors you like. ;)

Banana Peanut Butter, Passion Fruit, Strawberry



Green Tea Latte with Red Beans

Milk Tea with Cincau & Gula Melaka

Mutella (Milo + Nutella)

Latest series: Kombucha

How to order?

1. Choose the flavor(s) you want.

2. Choose one option for the chia seeds: milk (full cream or low fat) / yogurt / soy milk

3. WhatsApp your orders to +6012 683 4943

a. Mango (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
b. Passion Fruit (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
c. Strawberry (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
d. Kiwi (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
e. Pineapple (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
f. Banana Peanut Butter (milk / soy milk)
g. Green Tea Latte with Red Beans (milk / soy milk)
h. Mutella (Milo+Nutella) (milk / soy milk)
i. Coffee (milk / soy milk)
j. Milk Tea with Cincau & Gula Melaka
k. Strawberry Chocolate (milk / yogurt / soy milk)
l.  Peanut Butter Jelly (milk / soy milk)

Kombucha series flavors:
a. Strawberry
b. Passion Fruit
c. Mango
d. Kiwi
e. Pineapple


- RM13.90 per 200ml jar

- Free delivery to Hartamas, Mont Kiara, TTDI, Bangsar, Mid Valley, Bandar Utama for orders above 5 jars

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