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Virgin Visit to Dinoscovery, Discoveria @ Avenue K, KL


Our two-year old was super excited when we brought him to Dinoscovery, Discoveria at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur! 

Thanks Moms4Projects for organizing this amazing tour. Our little one enjoyed himself very much in activities that he could participate well. We were actually quite surprised that he was neither afraid of the dark and gloomy surroundings nor frightened by roaring sounds from the dinosaur animatronics. Not bad for a two-year old!

Now, let's see what we did in Dinoscovery. By the way, do read on to the end and you might win yourself Family Passes* to this rawwwwr-some, I mean awwwwesome place! ;)

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Mini sightseeing outside the huge wooden gate.

What is Dinoscovery?

Sprawling at 13,000 square feet, Dinoscovery is a place where we can travel back 250 million years in time and explore how dinosaurs lived and evolved, learn about prehistoric climate conditions and more through hands-on activities, huge dinosaur animatronics and other educational exhibits.

After we entered through the gate, we were given one Dino Quest map with stickers. Then, we wear our paleontologist vest. Even my two-year old has a tiny vest; he's the youngest paleontologist in town! :D

My husband was then given one headlight with strap and we all wore Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristbands. This is essential to complete the Dino Quest (complete map with stickers) later on in Dinoscovery.

Then, we were shown a short informative clip about what to expect during our tour in Dinoscovery.


Dinosaur Animatronics

There are 22 huge dinosaur animatronics that roar and move their head, tail, and limbs. Each animatronic comes with educational boards displaying information about the dinosaurs.

RFID Dino Quest

For dinosaurs fans, or if you have watched Jurassic World and want to go on an expedition, Dinoscovery is the place! Here, you can embark on a "treasure hunt" called RFID Dino Quest with your RFID wristband. Locate all 10 dino-specimens hidden throughout the exhibit and once this mission is completed, you will receive a certificate!

Race A Theropod

I like this! All you need to do is to challenge the world's fastest dinosaur ever found in this interactive 10-meter match. You just need to runnnnnnnnnnnn!!! Good workout while carrying an 11kg toddler. LOL!

Other activities

These two are my boy's favorite. He spent the bulk of his time here - collecting rubber balls in mini buckets, pouring them into the volcano, and watching them "erupting" from the volcano's tip. He also went to the excavation tip and played with brushes, sand, and dinosaur bone replicas.

Photos with Dinos

The boy took a photo in one of the eggshells, while I got tricked to go up a baby T-Rex. LOL!

Drawing/Coloring Area

At the end of the tour, he spent some more time coloring or rather scribbling.

Souvenir Shop

Finally, we can buy our photos at the Souvenir Shop. These photos were taken by Dinoscovery's photographers before we started touring. Each photo comes in a special Dinoscovery frame. There are also limited edition Dinoscovery memorabilia.

Discoveria Café

If you don't wish to leave first, you can stay back at their café and enjoy a selection of pasta, sandwiches, muffins, or fresh juice and coffee. By the way, you can also organize a dinosaur-themed birthday party at this café for your Dino-lover kids.

More about Discoveria

Address: Avenue K Shopping Mall, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact number: +603 2181 7218

And now.....


1-10 October 2015
TEN (10) Family Passes to be won!


  1. Heard about this place!! I love bringing kids to such tour when they can be amazed and learn something about the past.