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2008 (Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat)

Year 2008: Year of the Rat

General: Although you will have many opportunities in terms of promotions, bestowed more responsibilities or the expansion of your business this year, there will be more challenges ahead. You will be busier than usual but not necessary fruitful due to severe people problems. There will be more misunderstandings, betrayals, back-stabbings, and disputes. Hence, it is important to watch your back. Do not participate in any gossip corners. Avoid direct conflicts with others. High probability of being involved in legal situations. You might want to have more personal space and be interested in religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and other new age topics. A good year for those who are studying or doing research.

Career: The authority figures, management or your boss are likely to give you more opportunities to display your strengths this year. More chances of promotions or being given more responsibilities. If you are in business, consider expanding your business. Severe office politics will be very challenging for you. Avoid direct conflicts with others. Time to utilize your diplomatic skills.

Wealth: Although your wealth luck is good, there is a concern of losing it through legal problems. If you are investing, do your own homework and go through the fine print even if it means taking a longer time and greater effort to study before making a decision.

Relationship: For those who are attached or married, you may want to have more personal space. For those who are single, the probability of meeting someone special is rather slim.

Health: You may suffer from lethargy, gastric and stomach problems, weak concentration, and short attention span. Try to have adequate rest and be positive. Most of the arising health issues are due to people issues and being too stressed out. You might feel demoralized and even doubtful about yourself. Surround yourself with positive environment and people.

People: People problems are severe. Try to be humble, diplomatic, and tactful. Avoid getting into any direct conflicts with others. Back-stabbings, betrayals, and misunderstandings are very common. While others are trying to irritate you, especially on the career front, it is important to understand that you need to focus on your own goals and do not let them offend or affect your emotions so easily.

General: On the bright side, there are many people who will help you or give you the opportunities along the way. There are also rather severe people problems, back-stabbings, betrayals, and even direct confrontations. You will have very good wealth luck but at the same time you might suffer from an obsessive and compulsive behavior when it comes to making purchases. You tend to get obsessed over certain items and do not mind overspending or engaging in impulsive shopping sprees. It will be difficult to accumulate wealth. High probability of falling ill.

Office politics can be rather painful. Even when there are opportunities given to you to implement your plans or when you nearly reach your goal, someone who will try to block you from success. Be careful of how you deal with them. Avoid direct confrontation; try to get more support instead.

Wealth: Tend to overspend this year and easily engaged in impulsive purchases or indulging in shopping therapy. Try to look into how you spend your money. You might have difficulty in accumulating wealth and even spend more than you earn. Be aware that it is always good to save for rainy days.

Relationship: For those who are attached or married, there is a high tendency of quarreling or going into cold wars, partly due to high stress caused by your work. Another possible cause of disputes is gossip or people who want to place a strain on your relationship. Have good communication with your partner and do not get into a quarrel due to hear-say. For those who are single, you might not be in the right state of mind or emotion to be in love. Hence, even if the love of your life appears, there will be great hesitation on your part and you may miss the opportunity.

Health: Not good. You tend to have injuries such as sprains or fractures this year. You are also more accident prone than usual. If you need to drive, ensure that you have adequate rest.

People: Severe people problem. There are many irritating people that might obstruct you from your goals or make life more difficult for you. Beware of betrayals, back-stabbings, and misunderstandings. Avoid getting into direct confrontations with others and always appear to be nice. Your temperament may be very unstable. Try to control your temper.

General: Assistance that you can get from others is very minimal. Hence, it is important for you to make the best conscious effort to reduce the challenges you will have to face by staying alert and be prepared for all eventualities. There are many challenges: overspending, being cheated by others, making losses in investments, and getting involved in legal situations. Be extra alert in terms of reading the fine print in documents. Ensure that you really understand the details before committing and signing on the dotted line. In terms of investing, do not trust others easily. Do your own homework and take note of all the paper work. Do not be guarantors for anyone. Your health is unstable. If you have elderly at home, take note of their health and safety. Keep to a safe and conservative approach this year to stabilize your life instead of trying too much. The ripples that you create might cause a huge wave that swallows you later.

Career: Try to keep a low profile. Do not get demoralized when there are lack of opportunities and many restrictions that impede progress in your career. Important to remain. Spend more time to plan strategies rather than trying to be in the limelight. If your job requires you to sign contracts, ensure that you study through carefully the fine print before putting your signature on the dotted line. Do not make impulsive decisions. If there are people who would like to entice you into investing, make your own assessment and do not trust people easily. You are vulnerable to being cheated. Be careful and avoid legal situations.

Wealth: You tend to overspend or make losses in investments. There is probability of being cheated or getting involved in legal situations. Avoid making investments or lending money to others. Try to stick to a stable income rather than thinking about making quick bucks. Conservative wealth management suits you very well.

Relationship: For those who are attached or married, be careful of infidelity. A moment of happiness will cause a lifetime of regret. Be disciplined. You need great support from those you love dearly. Do not let them down. For those who are single, you may have a hard time holding on to a stable relationship.

Health: You tend to fall sick easily, especially digestive problems, flu, and cold. You are also more accident prone than usual. If you have elders at home, be wary of their health and safety too. For those who are elderly and born in the year of the horse, be careful of your spouse's health and safety as well.

People: There are people trying to cheat you. Do not trust others easily. Not only are they looking to cheat you in the monetary sense, they will also try to steal your opportunities. You can still be nice and yet hold on to a very strong conviction of not sharing sensitive and confidential information.

General: Fantastic year. Time to implement your plans and reap the fruits of labor that you have sowed. You will get the support and assistance from the relevant people easily. Though your luck is generally extremely good, remember to stay humble and always have contingency plans because there are many sudden crises too. Do not let arrogance get in your way. There are signs of legal problems. Hence, avoid any illegal activities. Though you will be able to cope with the obstacles that arise, do not attempt to push your luck. Do tread with caution too.

Career: Your career luck is very good. A good time to shine at work. You will get support from your authority figures such as your boss or the management. If you are in business, you will get the support of your clients and your business will do very well. Remember that while you prosper, always make contingency plans and expand conservatively. There tends to be sudden incidents that may cause problems. You do not want to be caught off guard by it.

Wealth: A good year in terms of wealth. If you are investing, choose something that will grow steadily. If you are in business, allow your business to grow gradually. Do not rush into things. How good you are at conserving your wealth also depends on how well you are able to avoid legal situations.

Relationship: There might be more quarrels or disputes between those who are already in relationships, as there will more frustration this year due to stress. Be more patient and it is more important to communicate. For those who are single there will be more concern about the stress caused by other aspects of life.

Health: Be careful of illnesses that strike suddenly such as heart attacks and strokes. You are more accident prone than usual. Do not engage in any high-risk activities. It is important to follow traffic rules carefully and not to exchange conveniences with regrets. If you are driving, ensure that you have adequate rest.

People: More betrayals or back-stabbings. Some people may be jealous of your success and decide to make life difficult for you. Be aware and remain humble and polite.

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