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Trip to Taman Negara (Day 2: 21 Dec 2007)

Nice weather. In the mood for more FUN!

We have our breakfast at this departure point (the floating restaurant that I've mentioned earlier).

Then, off we go for more inner jungle adventure!

Morning: The
Canopy Walkway is a must-go.

Errr... At first, it was very scary. The bridge would sway gently and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. This Canopy Walkway is proudly known as the World's Longest Hanging Bridge!

After completing the walkway, they all went to hike
Teresek Hill to view the scenic Tahan Mountain. Well, I've had the scariest moments of my life, so I headed back to our lodging to rest. Yeah, sounds so lame...

Afternoon: Orang Asli settlement
We visited one of the orang asli (Batek tribe) settlements along Sungai Tembeling. According to our tour guide, these orang asli originated from Africa. No wonder they have the Afro-like "bombastic" hair. The orang asli chief was quite friendly. He and some of his villagers demonstrated on how to make blowpipe darts, how to start a fire, and how to use a blowpipe.

Photo taken from Travel NST.

The man in the photo above looks exactly like the friendly chief who demonstrated their skills to our group. I wonder if he knows that his photo is everywhere on the Internet.

Evening: Rapids shooting
The initial information: Boat journey to shoot 7 major rapids towards Sungai Trenggan and BE PREPARED TO GET WET. I've no idea how the whole activity would be. It turned out that this was the most exciting activities of all!

All of us boarded 3 boats with skillful boatmen and playful tour guides. The young guides were splashing us with river water as our boats raced against each other and tried to splash the most water at one another. We were soaked to the uttermost but it was very, very exciting! Can't really take photos or one might say goodbye to the camera. Haha...

These are the type of boats we used for rapids shooting.

To be continued...

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