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2008 (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit)

Year 2008: Year of the Rat

General: Great time for you to transform your dreams into reality - to pursue the dream job, position, salary, business, etc. Do not feel that your dreams are out of reach as you will get the support, meet the right people, and find the appropriate resources that can bring you to your goal. Keep your heart and mind open. There will be more disputes, arguments, betrayals and misunderstandings than usual. Try to be humble, keep yourself calm and objective at all times. Things will turn out well. Avoid being too stressed out. Watch out for being hospitalized and having surgery and being involved in accidents.

Career: Promotions, pay rises, and more power is in store. If you have plans that you would like to implement, do so. You will get the support from authority figures and relevant people. If you have been thinking of starting a business, this is a good time to do so. On the career front, there will be more disputes and arguments. Many may not be able to see eye to eye with you or may not be able to understand the way you handle situations. Remember to be more patient with others. Try to spend some more time in explaining and convincing rather then bulldozing your way through.

Wealth: Very good for both your main sources and side sources of wealth.

Relationship: For those who are attached or married, there are more tensions in relationships; frequency of disputes, cold wars or misunderstandings is higher than usual. Keep communication channels open and be more patient with each other despite the high levels of stress that you may be going through. For those who are single, the chances of meeting the right person or falling in love is rather slim. Your abrupt behavior or unpredictable temper could push away your suitors. Try to stabilize your temper and observe yourself through a third party's eyes.

Health: While you are busy reaping the best out of this year, remember to have adequate rest. There is a high tendency of having illnesses such as the flu and other illnesses that are related to anxiety such as headaches and gastric problems. There are also signs of being hospitalized and involved in accidents.

People: There are a lot of arguments, betrayals and misunderstandings. Avoid getting into head on conflicts with others. If you feel that someone is testing your patience or trying to antagonize you, show the person how gracious you are by being patient and smiling it off.

General: You have a premium ticket especially for males. For females, you would gain more benefits if you could get assistance and support from males. In general, you will do very well in terms of career and wealth. If you have any plans, personally or professionally, put them into action. Despite your success in career and making more money, you will still feel a strong sense of insecurity and emptiness within, and tend to be moody and depressed. Your moodiness will affect your emotions, relationships, wealth, and health. This may lead you to indulge in activities in order to escape from the truth. The deeper you try to bury the issues, they will come back to haunt you. Why not take the opportunity of being in such a good year to work on these issues?

Career: Chances of promotions. Your bosses and authority figures will give you ample opportunities to shine. You are going to exceed their expectations, be given more trust and responsibilities, and signs of salary increases. If you are in business, consider expanding your business, increase your market share and grow your revenue.

Wealth: Very good for both your main sources and side sources of wealth but you might overspend. Whether your money will be able to grow exponentially depends heavily on whether you can save this year.

Relationship: For those who are married or attached, it will be a rocky year, mainly due to insecurities and moodiness. Relationships tend to grow weak and brittle when one party is always not in a good mood. Gossip or devious third parties could easily worsen the situation. Communicate clearly as to how you feel to your partner. If you are unhappy and it has nothing to do with your partner, let your partner know. For those who are single, the chance of getting attached is slim due to your emotional instability. Before you can attract the love of your life, you need to stabilize your emotions first.

Health: Health is average in general. Do not indulge in activities that might harm your health such as drinking and eating excessively.

People: Average. Do not need to worry about back-stabbings and betrayals.

General: Very busy and will always be on the move: traveling, signs of moving house, migration or relocation. How well this year could be for you will depend heavily on yourself because there are not many lucky stars shining on you to provide the conveniences that you might need. However, there are not many obstacles. You will still do very well if you have been giving your best in terms of your career and financial management. You may feel especially emotionally detached this year and would like to have more personal space. This certainly will affect your relationships. The area that deserves your special attention is in the area of health and safety. There is a higher chance of falling ill or being involved in an accident or being hospitalized and having surgery this year. Take good care of your health and have adequate rest. If you have elderly people at home, be careful of their health and safety too.

Career: Able to perform well if your job or business requires traveling or moving around. You will also be able to do well if you are in sales or you earn on a commission basis. Even though you may have a very tight schedule, do not make impulsive judgments because there are great opportunities. Do not allow your lack of time to be an excuse to deny yourself of opportunities and benefits that are coming your way. While you remain open and receptive to success and prosperity, do your own homework and use your wisdom. Do not rely too much on others.

Wealth: Highly dependent on whether have you been sowing the seeds and utilizing the opportunities that are presented to you. If you have been doing your homework well, rest assured that your wealth luck is favorable.

Relationship: It will be a quiet year for singles. For those who are attached or married, you may spend less time with your partner due to your busy schedule, or you may go into cold wars frequently, or you may even feel emotionally detached from the relationship. There are even signs of a breakup. Challenging year for relationships.

Health: Higher tendency of falling ill this year. Be careful of safety too. For those who have elderly people at home, be cautious of their health and safety too.

People: Do not need to worry about people problems this year.

General: More obstacles, restrictions, and sudden challenges that impede the progress of your desires. Your concentration is weaker and your attention span is shorter than usual, and a strong tendency to overlook details or being forgetful. Therefore, it is important not to make impulsive decisions. If a decision is required, try to give it more time to think it through or request someone who you can trust to go through the details with you. However, your popularity is running high. Good time to build rapport, meet new people, those who could help you, socialize, and be in a team. While you are the star of the town, there are some green eyes casting unfriendly glances at you. Remember not to make yourself an easy target for betrayal. High chance of being involved in legal disputes.

Career: More sudden challenges are expected to jump at you. Hence, always make contingency plans. You will function better in a team. If you could arrange resources in such a way that your teammates handle the technical or operational parts of the job while you handle the marketing and public relations side of it. There will be more office politics. Be prepared to protect yourself well against it. Avoid gossip corners. Avoid flaunting your success or your popularity. There may be legal disputes due to envious people.

Wealth: Be extra careful when it comes to investments, mainly due to a lack of concentration and a shorter attention span. Either sleep on the idea for some time before making a decision or request someone that you could trust to go through the fine print of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Relationship: Those who are attached will have a high chance of getting married this year. There is a strong chance that singles will meet the love of their lives. For those who are married, the passion in their relationship will be burning bright.

Health: High chance of falling ill and being accident-prone. Have adequate rest to ensure that you are always alert, especially for those who drive.

People: Much back-stabbings and betrayals this year. Avoid sharing too much information with people who may have a conflict of interest with you. Due to your strong popularity, there are some people who will not like you to be so likeable and decide to make life tougher for you. Protect yourself by not flaunting your popularity and keeping a low profile. There are signs of being involved in legal disputes this year.

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