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2008 (Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig)

Year 2008: Year of the Rat

General: Good chance to take up courses, pick up new skills, and get involved in research or strategy planning. Take advantage while your focus and concentration is running high. Many people tend to speak ill of you, finger point behind your back or gossip about you, more office politics revolving around you or people trying to get you into trouble. Avoid gossip corners at all cost. Do not be the source of gossips. What goes around comes around. Try to focus on what you are doing rather than on what others are talking about you. Be diligent in your work and watch your back.

Career: Pick up information very quickly and are able to react to situations. Office politics is very severe; people will try to find your mistakes, speak ill, back-stab, finger point at you or try to get you into trouble. Shift your focus from others to what you have to do. Give your best shot and you will be able to reap the best.

Wealth: Average. Focus on conserving your wealth rather than growing it extensively. Be careful in terms of investment, lending money to others or being other people's guarantor as there is high chance that you might get cheated. Try not to let greed lead you into losing more than you make.

Relationship: Average for those who are in relationships. Remember not to bring rumors or gossip back home. This will disrupt the harmonious atmosphere in the family. For those who are single, chances of getting into a relationship are rather slim. Misunderstanding might create embarrassment for those whom you are interested in. If you like someone, it is important for you to be communicate clearly to the person involved rather than letting him/her get the news from the grapevine. Do not share sensitive topics with others or else they will become great gossip topics.

Health: Instability in the area of health: insomnia, headaches, and colds. You are also more accident prone than usual. Take good care of your health and safety. Have adequate rest and do not let people's opinion affect your emotions.

People: Bad. Many people would finger point, speak ill of you or try to get you into trouble. Avoid gossip at all cost and keep your communication clear. Avoid making unnecessary comments. Pay more attention to yourself and the things that you need to do. Keep your emotions in check.

General: Especially popular and there will be much socializing. Everybody wants to be your friend, be part of your projects, and be associated with you one way or another. Great time to build rapport, meet new people, and be involved in teamwork. If you are in sales or business, this is a perfect time to increase your client base or to build your contacts. Do not engage in a moment's pleasure that might cause you a lifetime's regret. Much gossip and rumors revolving around you. Do not participate in it. Always be responsible for your words and actions. Do not push your luck and get involved in illegal activities. Do not get involved with people that you should not be around with.

Career: You are be welcomed by your peers, vendors, and clients. Great time to build rapport, increase client base, and participate in teamwork. Most of the time you will realize that your popularity is so strong that colleagues or your peers will volunteer to work for you. Always uphold your professionalism and utilize your popularity in a positive way. High chance for office rumors about you to fly around. Do not get involve in any "indecent proposals".

Wealth: Good chance to increase savings. However, there are possibilities that will foil your plans: high tendency of overspending on entertainment and socializing. Do not get involved with illegal activities or people that you should not be with or else you might need to spend a huge amount to buy yourself out of trouble.

Relationship: For those in relationships, there is a high tendency that there will be a third party. Relationships may be hurt by rumors and gossip. It is important to be faithful, honest, and maintain clear communication with your spouse or partner. If misunderstanding arise, try to clear the air soon. Do not take your spouse or partner for granted. For those who are single, this is a great time for you to get out there and meet new people. High chance that you will meet that special someone.

Health: Do not overindulge in drinking, overeating, and staying up late. Do not drink and drive. Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will prolong your popularity and good luck. If you have elders at home, take care of their health and safety.

People: People will like to gossip and spread rumors about you because you are the hot topic of the town. There is a price to pay for being famous. You are responsible to keep your image and watch yourself closely. Even if you do not, many curious pairs of eyes and ears will not stop prying into your matters.

General: Much instability. Your plans may seem to be smooth sailing but will suddenly hit a rock. You tend to be accident-prone and may have cuts and bruises. However, no matter what crisis, challenges or obstacles that you will face, all will turn out well. Remember to keep yourself cool in the face of trouble. Solutions will come before you know it. If you have elders at home, do take note of their health and safety.

Career: Make contingency plans. Challenges usually strike fast and when least expected. Although the problems will resolve by themselves, do keep yourself cool and do not aggravate it.

Wealth: Sometimes you may find that you are earning a lot, but you may also realize that you have spent more than you should. Watch your expenses.

Relationship: If you are attached or married, your relationship is stable. If you are single, there is still the chance to meet someone especially in the early part of the year. If there are some suitable candidates, do consider seriously. Do not take too long to think because opportunity will not wait for anyone.

Health: Accident-prone. You tend to have cuts and there are signs of bleeding. There are also signs that you might go through surgery. Be extra careful in terms of your safety, especially if you are handling sharp objects or operating heavy machinery. If you have elders at home, take extra care of their health and safety.

People: Do not need to pay much attention.

General: Your health will be one of your top concerns. You are more prone to falling ill. It is more important to conserve your energy. Although you may have very outstanding performances in your career, you need to be very selective in who your allies are because there tends to be more power struggles. Not many people can help you. It is important to keep positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive people.

Career: Power struggles. Office politics and unhealthy competition does not help. You need to be careful in who you choose to be your allies. Do not be involved in unnecessary matters. Do not let others push you into a corner. Revise and implement your political skills. Focus your energy on doing your work well and you will find that you are able to produce excellent results. If you are in business, you will be able to stabilize your business. However, do not act aggressively. Go slow and steady and you will be able to achieve more in the long run.

Wealth: Money matters could be quite tight. Avoid investments.

Relationship: If you are in a relationship, you will have a loving year. You will get the support from your spouse or partner through these unstable days. If you are single, you will have a high chance of finding the love of your life.

Health: Not good. You will be more prone to fall ill because your immune system is especially low. Due to lack of rest, you will increase the risk of being accident-prone. Pay extra attention to your health in terms of having a healthy diet, keep your stress levels in check, and exercise regularly.

People: Quite nasty. Focus on what you want to accomplish and keep your eyes focused on your goals. Do not get distracted by gossip and power struggles. Remember to stay calm and adopt your diplomatic skills.

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