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Knowing, the movie


If you are a Christian and if you're clear about what the Bible says concerning the end of times, DON'T watch Knowing. I mean it.

Let me explain point by point. What do you think of the following scenarios?

A mere human being, as a matter of fact, a child, could prophecy (in this case, based on 1 Cor. 12) and write down soon-to-happen events in chronological order.
This is twisting the truth.

Depicting angels as winged, translucent E.T.
Did the Bible say this? A big NO!

Interpreting biblical records (in this case, based on the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament and Revelation in the New Testament) with the limited human mind.
This is in the fallen nature of mankind. Remember how did Satan trick Eve? Satan asked her, "Did God really say...?" When one begins to doubt God's word, Satan's evil thoughts will come in.

Heavenlies is actually a paradise somewhere in the vast universe and you could actually see the "tree of life" in that so-called "paradise".
Only the Son, Jesus Christ knows where the Father is. In fact, read up John 14 to know where the Father is.

Chosen human beings (sort of like Adam & Eve) are "sent" to the so-called "paradise" with gigantic crystalline spacecrafts.
This is so ridiculous! Did the Bible say so? If not, why did you interpret it in such a silly way?

One should never mix God's word with human interpretation, especially sci-fi. It's call adulterating the Word of God

This movie provokes me negatively. I don't like it at all. I rated it as 0 out of 5 for its storyline.

Found an article from a fellow Christian who favors the movie. :S

Oh my...


  1. One of my fren also say "Knowing" is movie of the year, but he is not Christian lah.

  2. Movie of the year?



  3. Joyce it is a movie. A very good one in my opinion. How do you feel about Passion of the Christ? Most people who study the bible feel they know and understand the end times. I feel that the end times will only be understood when they are at hand. Know that your God is capable of all things. Know that the bible is guidance for you and not for Him. This interesting interpretation, if that is what it was intended to be, really makes you wonder.

  4. Hi IP,

    If "Knowing" does not incorporate too much of those biblical interpretation based on the human thoughts, I agree that this movie is good, especially the CGI-ed scenes and some action scenes involving the airplane and the subway train.

    I'm not okay with Passion of the Christ.

    But I'm okay with The Day The Earth Stood Still because this movie, although it touched the end of times, it doesn't shove biblical interpretations down our throat.

    Well, that's my opinion.

  5. Hi Joyce,

    I agree that if you think this movie is trying to show us what the real end will be, it's ridiculous, but I was puzzled by your first comment -- "if you're clear about what the Bible says concerning the end of times, DON'T watch Knowing."

    It was just such knowledge that made me realize that it was just a cool sci-fi movie with interesting effects and plot. There were many times I thought "well there's something that could parallel something in the Bible," but because I know better I certainly did not take it seriously as theology.

    I would recommend the movie simply because it was an interesting story with great special effects. It also got me thinking that we should be ready for Jesus any time all the time. But of course it doesn't have me searching the sky for cool space ships full of "angels." The movie left enough in there that you could take what you wanted from it.

    Again, I would recommend this movie for Christians who know better. And if someone doesn't know better and actually thinks this is the way it's going to go down, well then they should probably find a mature Christian to explain it to them. In any case, if a science fiction movie gets people talking and thinking about God, maybe some good will come of it.


  6. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sharing your point of view. I believe it's mentality and personal view dependable.

    As for me, my point remains the same, which is not mixing sci-fi with God.