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Retreat @ Sekeping Serendah

So, the Vios kinda survived the epic "ordeal" and we arrived safely at Sekeping Serendah approximately 3 hours after 1pm (check-in time). The journey was indeed eventful but we were blessed with great weather (yes, we've to bask in the sun but it's better than soaking wet in the rain), great companionship (that's what friends are for! ;P), and great help from a few good Samaritans (wow, we're really lucky!).

So, this is our assigned mud shed. Not bad, at least not as muddy as I thought.

Love the sunlight...

Most importantly, mother nature never fails to make us smile and relax.

And this is so cool - a swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, directly on the right side of our mud shed. We spent hours soaking in the water till sunset and till we were cold and hungry.

Okay, about the mud shed, here are some insights.

Simple, innovative, back-to-basic kinda furnishing on the balcony.

The all-white bedroom, fresh and invigorating.

Interesting toilet and bath shed with curtains that fell off whenever you pulled it or even when you didn't intend to pull it. :S

Brought our own food.

And it's time to EAT under the moonlight.

Finally, this photo explained it. I almost fell off the edge. :S

Looking forward for Bukit Cahaya trip with colleagues again!



  1. Check in time was 2 pm. We were supposed to check out at 1 pm but stayed past 2 pm. Haha!

    I love the mud sheds.

    ...and yes you have me to thank for not having a concussion right now. :p

    I think you went to the ledge 3 times. :)