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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sarawak Kueh Chap - 砂劳越粿雜

Oh no!!! Updates on 24/4/09: Got to know that business wasn't so good at Kelana Jaya. This stall has been relocated to somewhere I don't know.

For an option, visit Sun Hing Loong at SS2:
Small portion | Big portion

If you really want to satisfy your cravings for kueh chap (not necessarily Sarawak's), try Teochew Kueh Chap at
Auntie Sim (opposite Uptown 1 at Damansara Uptown).

Sarawak Kueh Chap is a famous Sarawak local favorite. If you happen to go to Sarawak, you must remember to try Mi Kolok or Kampua (some people say that they are different), Sarawak Laksa, and Sarawak Beef Beehoon. You can't find them all the time in Klang Valley. However, you can find authentic Sarawak Laksa at Restoran Gembira, Taman Megah, PJ.

Indeed, it's a miracle to find good Sarawakian dishes in Klang Valley. If I come across one, I shall give it a try! So, I've my first Sarawak Kueh Chap in 5 years at Kelana Jaya!

So, what's so great about Sarawak Kueh Chap? Let's talk about its soup base in the first place, it tastes like mild Bak Kut Teh. The noodles are squarish, flat, and flimsy rice noodles. They are not as thick as Pan Mee's noodles that are made from flour. And of course, you'll find a generous amount of taufoo pok (dried tauhu), pork slices (with a layer of fat & skin), intestines, tongue, and ear slices. Sounds yucky? LOL! It certainly is non-halal. For pork lovers, Kueh Chap is made in heaven. ;) No spring onions, but a small handful of fried chopped garlic is strewn delightfully as garnishing! Yummy! I love this dish to bits!

Map is included below. The blocks marked as A & B are actually Universiti Tun Abdul Razak. You'll see a Chinese restaurant located at the corner of a block across the road, to the left of Sekolah Menengah Kelana Jaya. This restaurant is always crowded with people from morning till late afternoon. It's almost impossible for you to miss it.

Good luck!

Update: Check out my second visit!


  1. ooo looks nice, that restaurant under the tree right? :D

  2. Yep, that's right! The one under the tree. Lol.

  3. there is another kueh chap stall in SS2. It's in the sun hin loong restaurant. Can't tell if it is the best of the best as this is the only place i know that has this dish but it taste good for me.

  4. I see. I shall give it a try some time soon. Thanks for the info! :)

  5. No problems fellow food lover...I will be writing a review on that Kueh Chap stall in SS2 soon. You can visit my food blog as well at A friend and i just started this blog i have just posted my first blog entry on Monday. Leave a comment :) would love to hear your opinion as an experience food blogger.

  6. Hi Collin,

    Good to hear that! Thanks for the link. I shall go over to have a look. :)


  7. I come from sarawak .. I was looking kuew chap in Selangor, but difficult to be found .. fortunately information from you .. thank you

  8. whether kueh chap stall in Kelana Jaya is still open?

  9. Hi Anonymous, so sorry, the kueh chap stall in KJ is not operating anymore. However, you may try Auntie Sim at Damansara Uptown, opposite Uptown 1.

  10. Hi Anonymous, or you may try the stall at Sun Hin Loong, SS2.



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